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Silicon photodiode on 8mm ceramic substrate coated with IR blocking filter, blue enhanced, very low dark current, wide field of view
Blue enhanced silicon photodiode on 8mm ceramic substrate coated with IR blocking filter having a 5.2mm2 active area designed for spectral response between 330 and 720nm. This series of P on N Silicon planar photodiodes has been designed for optimum response through the visible part of the spectrum. These photodiodes are primarly intended to be used in photovoltaic mode but may be used with a small reverse bias. They have also been designed to exhibit very high shunt resistance, a characteristic which leads to low offsets when used in high gain trans-impedance op-amp circuits.

Features & Benefits

  • UV to IR spectral range
  • Integral IR blocking filter
  • Peak wavelength: 920nm
  • Medium size active area
  • 1 to 2% linearity over 7 to 9 decades
  • Very low dark current
  • Very high shunt resistance
  • RoHs compliant


  • Ambient light sensing
  • Street light control
  • Interior and exterior light switching
  • Interior and exterior light control
  • Display contrast control
  • Automotive headlight dimmer
  • UV and blue light sensing
  • Light meters
  • Flame monitoring
  • Photometry
Technical Information
Application Note