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Silicon photodiode on ceramic substrate with plastic molded lens, fast response, low dark current
Fast response silicon photodiode on ceramic substrate with plastic molded lens having a 11mm2 active area designed for spectral response between 400 and 1100nm. This series of photodiodes has been designed for low junction capacitance to achieve faster response time. These photodiodes are suitable for operation under reverse bias, which increases the speed of response, but can also be used in photovoltaic mode. These devices have excellent response in the IR region and are well matched to IR LEDs.

Features & Benefits

  • Visible to IR spectral range
  • Peak wavelength: 925nm
  • Medium size active area
  • 1 to 2% linearity over 7 to 9 decades
  • Low dark current
  • High shunt resistance
  • Low capacitance
  • Fast response
  • RoHs compliant


  • Smoke Detection
  • Barcode scanning
  • Light meters
  • Pulse oximeters
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