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Benefits of UV Curing Applications & Adhesives

UV Curing Applications


Digital Printing

UV LED curing systems improve print quality with less heat impact to the substrate and lower operating costs through extended life and less maintenance compared to other curing technologies. Environmental benefits are low energy consumption, and no mercury content or ozone emission.

uv curing electronic assembly applications


Manufacturing of electronic and optoelectronics components will benefit from UV curing systems that provide highest precision control and repeatability to achieve the throughput and yields necessary in high volume automated processes.

general UV curing assembly applications

General Assembly and Coatings

OmniCure® UV curing solutions can be used when bonding a variety of plastics, stainless steel, glass, rubber and similar or dissimilar substrates; we specialize in sealing, coating and repair applications.

medical device uv curing applications

Medical Devices

An important bonding and assembly technique for medical device manufacturers is the use of UV curing adhesives due to their rapid processing, cure on demand nature, ease of automation, lower energy requirements and solvent free bonding.

OmniCure Product Family


S Series

OmniCure S Series UV light curing systems provide global manufacturers with the most advanced, simple to use, & reliable UV adhesive spot curing solutions on the market.

LX500 UV LED spot curing system

LX Series

Utilizing advanced UV LED technology, the OmniCure LX500 spot curing system has been uniquely designed with proprietary Intelli-Lamp® technology that monitors LED head temperature, lifetime data, and automatically maintains optical stability +/- 5% to provide greater degree of process assurance for your application. Available in either 2 or 4 channel configurations, the OmniCure LX500 is the most flexible and cost effective option for industrial manufacturing.

UV LED large area curing systems

AC Series

OmniCure AC Series LED UV curing systems offer high power, superior air-cooled performance and maximum integration flexibility to best fit the needs of both small and wide area curing applications.