Excelitas’ UVC light sources fulfill a critical role in disinfecting our environments and protecting the public from infectious viral and microbial contamination. UVC disinfection is a non-contact, chemical-free method to inactivate bacteria or viruses and prevent them from replicating while offering a green process with vast environmental and social benefits. Global demand for UVC solutions is sharply increasing and represents a rapidly evolving market landscape since traditional technology of low-pressure mercury lamps is quickly being eliminated and replaced. Today, there is a need and market opportunity for next-generation UVC solutions with improved energy efficiency, increased end-user safety, and responsible environmental stewardship. Excelitas manufactures a very wide-array of high performance non-mercury, advanced UVC technologies from complete ultraviolet germicidal systems to individual UVC lamps used to ensure food safety and healthcare disinfection. Lesen Sie unser Whitepaper „UVC-LED-Oberluftdesinfektion – ein Eckpfeiler im Kampf gegen das Coronavirus“, um mehr zu erfahren.

Food Safety

Excelitas offers a broad array of advanced, non-mercury UVC solutions that help create next-generation disinfection programs for food packagers and processors.

Healthcare Acquired Infection (HAI)

Excelitas UVC technologies play a crucial role in controlling and mitigating pathogens associated with healthcare-acquired infections.