Lineare IR- und 2D-Sensor-Array-Module

Excelitas bietet auf Thermopile Technologie basierende lineare und 2D Infrarot Array Module an. Alle Arrays werden als Plug-and-Play-Module geliefert und beinhalten einen Sensorchip in einem Metallgehäuse mit Sammellinse, sowie einer Leiterplatte mit Mikrocontroller zur Kalibrierung und zugehöriger Datenschnittstelle. Wir bieten 8-, 16- und 32-Element IR-Sensormodule zur Präsenzdetektion sowie berührungsloser Temperaturmessung in Smart-Home-, Office- und Industrieprodukten an. Auf Anfrage sind individuell angepasste Lösungen möglich.


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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of IR Linear and 2D Sensor Array Modules?
Excelitas Technologies is a global technology leader and provider of advanced photonic solutions that meet the needs of our clients in various sectors. We are thoroughly dedicated to providing quality solutions, as evidenced by our certifications and continued commitment to rigorous testing, enabling our customers to remain confident in the performance and reliability of our products. Our commitment to quality extends to our high-performance IR Linear and 2D Sensor Array Modules well-suited for cutting-edge applications in various industries. With a global network of optoelectronic production and distribution centers, we are able to ensure the timely delivery of these solutions while maintaining proactive communication with our customers, allowing us to meet your expectations in terms of quality, reliability and time of delivery.
What are the different uses of IR Linear and 2D Sensor Array Modules?
IR Linear and 2D Sensor Array Modules are advanced photonic devices used for the detection and measurement of infrared (IR) radiation. These modules consist of sensors or pixels capable of detecting IR signals and converting them into electrical signals for further analysis and processing. Along with the ability to detect IR radiation, these modules are also designed to capture and interpret spatial information in the form of linear or two-dimensional arrays to provide more accurate and reliable data about the presence, intensity and distribution of IR radiation within a given space. These capabilities are well-suited when applied in various industrial processes, non-contact temperature measurement, presence detection and many more.
What types of IR Linear and 2D Sensor Array Modules do you offer?
Excelitas offers solutions that help our customers fulfill their need to detect IR radiation for various OEM and end-user applications. Our IR detection modules consist of our CoolEYE IR Imager product families, as described below:
  • CoolEYE IR Line Arrays - our IR line array family comprises three versions of the product, designed for various non-contact temperature measurement applications. These modules come with an array sensor with multiplexed output signal transferred into a calibrated signal by a microprocessor located on a compact PCB.
  • CoolEYE IR 2D Modules - this module comes with different fields-of-view and calibration ranges to support a diverse array of specific needs for our customers. They come as plug-and-play modules that feature a sensing chip housed in a robust metal housing with a focusing lens, a PCB with a microprocessor for calibration and bus interface and a quick connector to integrate all of these components and activate its functionalities.
What are the applications of IR Linear and 2D Sensor Array Modules?
IR Linear and 2D Sensor Array Modules offer excellent IR detection capabilities and can be applied in various applications that call for the detection and measurement of IR radiation within a given space. These include devices that are used in the following applications:
  • Berührungslose Temperaturmessung
  • Household applications: microwave ovens
  • Printer/copier applications
  • Smart homes
  • Scanning presence detection
  • Presence and motion detection
Do you offer custom IR Linear and 2D Sensor Array Modules?
Excelitas manufactures off-the-shelf IR Linear and 2D Sensor Array Modules that meet the demands of our OEM and end-user customers across the globe. Our IR detection portfolio comprises products designed to fulfill their requirements and enable them to integrate our products with new and existing systems with varying specifications. We also recognize that some customers may have unique needs that may not be addressed by our readily-available solutions. As part of our commitment to bringing your vision to life, we collaborate with you as we explore bespoke solutions that address your unique requirements and specifications. During our collaboration, we will be able to create and optimize unique solutions tailored to your specific needs without compromising cost, quality and time to market.