Closed-Loop Feedback Saving Calculator

This form illustrates the savings that can be achieved with the OmniCure S2000's Closed-Loop Feedback Technology over a standard UV arc lamp curing solution.

Currency: OmniCure S2000 (With Closed-Loop Feedback) Standard UV Arc Lamp System

Step 1

Enter the Data Related to Calibration
Validation / Calibration Frequency =
(Every how many hours is the UV Output checked/measured?)
112 Hours Hours
Validation / Calibration Time =
(How long does it take to check/measure the UV output? )
5 Minutes 5 Minutes
Number of Shifts per Week =
(How many shifts a week is the UV Curing System used?) (1 Shift = 8 working hours)
Number of UV Curing Systems Operating Per Shift =
(How many UV Curing Systems are used per shift?)
Number of Validation / Calibrations per UV Curing System a Year =
(This is the total number of all calibrations performed in a month)
[(Number of Shifts per Week X 8 hours X 52 weeks)
Validation / Calibration Frequency]
Number of UV Curing Systems
Operating Per Shift
- -
Hourly Labor Rate =
(What is the hourly salary of the operator who performs the calibration?)
Dollars - Dollars

Step 2

Economic Value of Closed-Loop Feedback
Annual Validation / Calibration Cost =
(This is the annual cost of calibrating all the UV Curing Systems) (Number of Calibrations per UV Curing System a Year X Calibration Time X Hourly Labor Rate)
- Dollars - Dollars
Total Annual Savings with OmniCure S2000 (ROI) =
(This is how much savings can be realized annually with the OmniCure S2000 UV Curing System)
- Dollars
- Calibration Hours

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