Imaging Lenses & Systems: Micro Optics

Qioptiq Micro Optics are widely used in medical endoscopic, ophthalmic and analytical systems, but are equally well suited for industrial inspection and monitoring in exceptionally small spaces. Our micro-optic singlet, doublet and triplet lenses are built to print. Qioptiq Micro-Doublets are available ≥0.5mm Ø, and Micro-Singlets down to 0.3mm Ø. Micro-optics can be provided to your exacting specifications in all optical glasses, fused silica and other specialized materials. We develop custom micro lens assemblies and systems, and provide full engagement and support through your entire development cycle... engineering, prototypes and serial manufacture.

HD Micro-Objective for Chip-on-Tip endoscopes

Endoscope Optics and HD Objectives

Excelitas offers sophisticated standard and custom micro-objective solutions to maximize the performance of your endoscopic system. We can achieve diameters down to 0.8mm and the fields-of-view up to 170°. For micro-optic lens systems, we create a diaphragm by applying a chromium layer directly on...
Micro-Optic 190° Fisheye Lens

Micro-Optic 190° FishEye Objective

Our Micro-Optic 190° Fisheye Lenses were specifically developed for use with 1/3" Sensors in pipe and bore inspection. Measuring only 4.8 mm H x 3.6 mm Ø, this compact design can be universally adapted to cameras for the industrial sector.
Qioptiq high-efficiency, LED to Glass Fiber Bundle Micro-Optic Coupler

LED Glass-Fiber Bundle Micro-Optic Coupler

Excelitas offers this precision-engineered LED to Glass-Fiber Bundle Micro-Optic Coupler specifically designed to increase light efficiency for LED light delivery through fiber optic bundles.
Qioptiq Micro-Optic Inspection and Machine Vision Objectives

Micro-Optic Compact Machine Vision Objectives

Excelitas' Series of Qioptiq Micro-Optic Compact Machine Vision Lenses offers excellent image quality for inspection applications where space is at a premium.