Power Supplies: Military Power Supplies

Excelitas Technologies has extensive experience with designing, manufacturing, and testing high-performance, custom-tailored power supplies and systems for defense and aerospace applications. Excelitas Miltary Power Supplies are based upon proven designs that leverage the latest advances in power conversion technology. Our broad product portfolio includes AC-DC Power Supplies, 3-Phase AC-DC Power, Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs), Auto-Transformer Rectifier Units (ATRUs), High Density DC-DC Converters, Pulsed Power Supplies, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), Battery Chargers, Custom EMI Filters and build-to-print solutions.

AC-DC Converter

AC-DC Converters

Excelitas is a leading designer and manufacturer of single- and three-phase AC-DC power supplies for high reliability and harsh environment applications such as avionics and aircraft systems, communication systems, radar and RF systems, shipboard electronics and military vehicle electronics.
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DC-DC Converter

DC-DC Converters

Excelitas designs, manufactures, and tests custom high-density, DC-DC converters with power levels up to 4kW. Excelitas has more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing military and aerospace power supplies for high-reliability applications, using industry best practices in...
ProdPhoto_Pulse-Power-Supply_Development_RKS.jpg - Pulsed Power Supply

Pulsed Power Supplies

Excelitas is a leading designer and manufacturer of power supplies designed specifically for pulsed applications, including radar-transmit modules requiring pulsed load, low-noise DC output, pulse-to-pulse repeatability and high efficiency. Excelitas' pulsed power supplies provide extremely fast...
Uninterruptable Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Excelitas designs and manufactures custom uninterruptible power supplies for a variety of harsh-environment applications: avionics and aircraft systems, shipboard electronics, communication systems and military vehicle electronics
Battery Assembly

Battery Chargers

Excelitas designs and manufactures battery chargers for lithium-ion and lead-acid battery chemistries, which can be utilized as stand-alone units to charge external batteries or can be integrated with the battery packs into a single-unit configuration. The charging algorithms can be adjusted to...
EMI Filter

EMI Filters

Excelitas designs and manufactures custom EMI filters for MIL-STD-461 and DO-160G emission and susceptibility requirements. Popular applications include:Avionics and aircraft systemsMilitary shipboard electronicsMilitary communication systemsMilitary vehicle electronics
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Depot Services, Military Power Supplies

Excelitas has over 40 years of experience manufacturing and servicing power systems for the defense industry. Our depot service provides fast and reliable services for a large variety of power systems regardless of the original manufacturer. Our dedicated Depot team can assess and repair your power...