Pulsed Xenon Linear Strobe Light Source Systems

Excelitas has been an innovative leader in the development of Vision and Illumination Systems since the early 1980s.

The spectral output of the Xenon lamp, when coupled with CCD, CMOS and CID silicon cameras, freezes motion eliminates blur and enhances images quality with high intensity and short duration pulses.

These cost effective systems provide high intensity white light in a small package significantly simplifying and reducing service periods. New systems are continually being developed for a variety of applications utilizing our patented Xenon flash technology.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of Pulsed Xenon Strobe Light Solutions?
Excelitas continues to maintain a high standard in systems that require illumination and vision. Since the early 1980s, Excelitas has been at the forefront of innovation and development, manufacturing high-quality strobe technologies that enable a wide range of applications. Our Xenon strobe lights, coupled with CMOS, CCD, and CID silicone cameras, can freeze motion, eliminate blur, and enhance the image quality of each subject, creating a cost-effective system that produces high-intensity white light.
What are Pulsed Xenon Linear Strobe Light Source Systems used for?
Xenon strobe lights are manufactured to produce very intense, bright white lights for a brief period of time through a Xenon flash tube. Xenon strobe technologies can do so with glass tubes filled with Xenon gas, enabling pulsed light production. The resulting pulsed light is used in a variety of industrial vision applications. The VEI pulsar Xenon Strobe is a prime example of a strobe light machine that produces high-intensity flashing lights. In some cases, the system is equipped with a CID light source to provide greater tonal rendition.
What types of Xenon Strobe Equipment do you offer?
Excelitas offers a wide array of Xenon strobe solutions that aid businesses in the industrial sector in various vision applications. The following are products that utilize Excelitas’ patented flash technology:
  • CX-Series Fiber Optic Strobes - this strobe light machine comes equipped with an input power cable and a connector used for trigger and Vref input and control. It utilizes a high-power Xenon flashlamp as its light source. Light outputs from the device through a port configured to accept a fiber optic cable to transmit light to an area remote from the instrument.
  • MVS-5000 Series UV/VIS Direct Illumination Strobes - this DC-powered unit comes packaged in a metal enclosure with a glass diffusion window. It is composed of a quartz flashlamp, power supply board, cooling fan, and reflector.
  • X-Series Fiber Optic Strobes - similar to the CX-Series, this strobe light machine is also equipped with an input power cable and a connector used for trigger and Vref input and control. A high-power xenon flashlamp is used as its primary light source, transmitted through a fiber optic cable for remote transmission.
What are the applications of Pulsed Xenon Strobe Light Equipment?
Strobe light machine technologies like the VEI pulsar Xenon strobe and other systems have various industrial applications. For manufacturing companies, Excelitas technologies equip our customers in the industrial sector to aid industrial robotics production applications in the following processes:
  • Sorting
  • Package integrity verification
  • Counting
  • Label reading
  • Component orientation
  • Motion sensing
  • Edge detection
  • Contaminant detection
  • Part recognition
  • Color differentiation
  • Quality assurance
Do you offer custom Pulsed Xenon Linear Strobe Light Source Systems Solutions?
Excelitas is proud to offer off-the-shelf and customized solutions to help clients in the industrial sector meet their production goals with greater efficiency and reliability. Our robust systems have been manufactured with your process applications in mind. For specialized requirements, provide us with a copy of your target specifications so we can manufacture solutions that meet your design criteria.