With our field-proven Qioptiq® equipment heritage, Excelitas offers a range of Image-Intensified and Thermal optics and sights that are specifically designed for dismounted soldier operations.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of Surveillance Technology?
Excelitas is a leading provider of surveillance technology solutions specifically designed for dismounted soldier operations. We offer a comprehensive range of image-intensified surveillance equipment with thermal optics and sights to help soldiers accomplish reconnaissance missions and improve their performance on the field. Armed with our field-proven Qioptiq® equipment heritage, we provide unmatched observation equipment solutions for better enemy targeting even in the most adverse battlefield conditions.
What are equipment with Surveillance Technology used for?
Surveillance equipment is critical to the success of reconnaissance, observation, and location targeting missions. Unmounted soldiers rely on surveillance equipment to help scope targets, locate enemy bases, or secure their locations. Advances in surveillance technology have improved their capabilities to enhance soldier performance even in the most adverse conditions, such as at night during peak darkness and adverse weather conditions. For instance, multi-spectral imaging features help with precision strikes due to more accurate target location.
What types of equipment with Surveillance Engineering Technology do you offer?
Excelitas has a wide selection of handheld surveillance equipment that enhances soldier capabilities during dismounted operations at even the most demanding settings. We currently offer four handheld surveillance sights with superior imaging capabilities: the DRAGON-C, DRAGON-H12, PHOENIX-H, and TALON. The DRAGON-C is part of the DRAGON family of uncooled thermal products, capable of providing all-around surveillance and thermal imagery with sights running from 1x to 4x magnification. Meanwhile, the DRAGON-H12 offers an intermediate range and enables 24-hour surveillance and target location with its lightweight construction and rugged platform. On the other side of the spectrum, the PHOENIX-H was designed to provide high-resolution imaging through its thermal imager, which can provide a resolution of 640x512 and a wide field-of-view ranging from 2o to 16o. Lastly, the TALON is a piece of military equipment that offers enhanced, multi-waveband detection, recognition, and identification capabilities for short and medium-range surveillance missions.
What are the applications of Surveillance Engineering Technology?
Surveillance engineering technology by Excelitas offers enhanced combat capabilities by providing superior imaging that improves vision, movement, and targeting during missions. With an enhanced view of the entire landscape, soldiers are able to gain a tactical advantage, which is helpful in remote targeting and reconnaissance missions.
Do you offer custom Surveillance Engineering Technology solutions?
Absolutely! Excelitas offers comprehensive surveillance technology solutions to help our soldiers gain a clearer view of any landscape, even under the most extreme conditions. While our off-the-shelf devices have been designed to suit a wide variety of applications, they can also be customized according to the user’s specific needs to ensure a better experience for the end-user. Communicate with us your particular requirements, and we will be able to provide a custom solution that fits your needs.
Excelitas offers a range of Image-Intensified and Thermal optics and sights for surveillance applications