Vehicle Sights

Excelitas offers a breadth of capability for vehicle sighting requirements. Applications include below armor day/thermal sights for commander or gunner, capability upgrades for existing sights or modules for integration within an OEM sight or turret. We have a proven history of designing and manufacturing sights and modules for major ground vehicle platforms over the last 30 years.

Product List

British Army Warrior Mechanized Combat Vehicle employs the Thermal Raven Sight from Excelitas
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Raven Sight

Thermal Raven is a MWIR/LWIR vehicle sight allowing for sighting and targeting within an armored turret. Incorporating a x8 magnified visible optic channel, a thermal channel or image intensified channel and a unity direct view optic, Raven provides the gunner or commander the ability to detect, recognize and identify targets in day or night. Having been in service for over 20 years Raven has proven performance. The latest generation takes legacy hardware and upgrades the sensors and capabilities to provide a modern day solution without the need for a full system/turret replacement.