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Excelitas is a leading supplier of complex optronic solutions for above- and below-armor in main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armoured personnel carriers. Excelitas optical modules are in service on major platforms around the world including AJAX, JLTV, LAV, Stryker, Warrior, Puma, Challenger and many others.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of optronic solutions for defense vehicles?
Excelitas has been at the forefront of optronics technology, providing expertise in all wavebands and multi-spectral combinations of wavebands. Through our detailed design, manufacturing and testing processes, we have introduced solutions for military vehicles and surveillance capabilities. As a result, our products and systems are used on a broad range of platforms worldwide.
What products are included in your suite of vehicle solutions?
Excelitas offers an array of vehicle solutions, including:
  • Vehicle sights and modules for major ground vehicle platforms over the last 30 years
  • Driver vision enhancement (DVE)products, including over 7,000 DVE systems fielded on platforms worldwide, such as AJAX, LAV and Foxhound
  • Over 6,000 ruggedized thermal imaging optics and camera systems have been deployed on various vehicle platforms, including AJAX, Stryker, Abrams, LAV, JLTV and Humvee
  • Lastly, our optical modules for surveillance and targeting are fitted to different platforms in the air, sea and land domains.
What are your solutions for defense vehicles specifically used for?
Our vehicle solutions include vehicle sights and modules, which enable drivers to navigate armored vehicles during night and day and under poor visibility conditions. Meanwhile, our DVEs assist in driving in complete darkness and situational through market-leading, wide field of view objective lenses. Our single-field-of-view, dual-field-of-view and continuous zoom optics and camera modules provide superior thermal imaging to remote weapon stations. These allow for better target acquisition and engagement for these military vehicles. Multiple levels of functionality are also provided by our surveillance and targeting optical modules. These are fixed-focus, single-field-of-view optics and fully functioning zoom lenses.
Do you offer custom defense vehicle solutions?
Yes. We have pre-built modules to fit various platforms. We also make it a point to offer bespoke solutions if customers do not find what they need from our extensive catalog. Our key strength is working closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver cost-effective solutions. This includes creating custom products for military vehicles. Contact us today, and we'll help you bring your idea to life.
Excelitas Vehicle Solutions