Vehicle Solutions

Excelitas is a leading supplier of complex optronic solutions for above- and below-armor in main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armoured personnel carriers. Excelitas optical modules are in service on major platforms around the world including AJAX, JLTV, LAV, Stryker, Warrior, Puma, Challenger and many others.

Excelitas Vehicle Solutions
FV4034 Challenger-2 British Main Battle Tank

Vehicle Sights

Excelitasoffers a breadth ofcapability for vehicle sighting requirements. Applications includebelow armor day/thermal sights for commander or gunner, capability upgrades for existing sights or modules for integration within an OEM sight or turret.We have a proven history of designing and manufacturing sights and modules for major ground vehicle platforms over the last 30 years.
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Excelitas manufactures optronic modules for Driver Vision Enhancement in any number of platforms

Driver Vision Enhancement

Wide field of view objective lenses for vehicle driving in complete darkness and situational awareness around the vehicle. Excelitas has developed market leading solutions offering best in class sensitivity and image clarity with no moving parts. We have fielded in excess of 7,000 DVE systems on platforms around the world including Foxhound, Ajax, LAV amongst others.
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Excelitas CougIR Zoom Module as deployed on remote weapon stations

Remote Weapon Stations

Excelitas Ruggedized thermal imaging optics and cameras for target acqusition and engagement are widely deployed on remote weapon stations. We develop and manufacture Single-field-of-view, Dual-field-of-view and continuous zoom optics and camera modules for remote weapon station target acquisition and engagement. Excelitas has fielded Over 6,000 such systems on vehicle platforms including, AJAX, Stryker, LAV, JLTV, Abrams, Humvee and many others.
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Excelitas Optronic Assembly for targeting & surveillance imaging onboard the Brieve UAV

Surveillance and Targeting

Excelitas has a 40+ year history of proven capability inthe design and manufacture of optical modules used for Surveillance and Targeting.
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