With our long-standing Qioptiq® heritage in weapons optics, Excelitas is a world leader in understanding the particularly demanding engineering requirements of Weapon-Mounted Night Vision, Thermal and Fused Imaging sights for the dismounted soldier. The factors of weapon-fire shock resistance, boresight accuracy retention and enduring ongoing field rigours and diverse environmental conditions, are all taken into consideration during the design and manufacture of all Excelitas Weapon-Mounted Sights. When you need the best, look no further.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of weapon-mounted sights?
Excelitas is the premier photonics solutions provider catering to various industries and applications worldwide. Through our well-established Qioptiq® heritage, we design, manufacture and develop a broad array of thermal, day and night vision sight solutions. Our key strength is working closely with customers to ensure we create an arms sight tailored to their specific needs.
What weapon-mounted solutions do you offer?
Through our rich Qioptiq heritage, we offer weapon sights for various purposes, including the following:
  • Our assault weapon sights comprise optical day sight, thermal weapon sight and night vision sight solutions. They employ image intensification, thermal imaging and fusion technologies to ensure high-quality performance.
  • We also have superior-quality, cost-effective sights explicitly designed for sharp shooter weapons.
  • Another line of image-intensified and thermal imaging sights is developed to meet snipers' requirements.
  • You can also find heavy machine gun sights that provide optical resolution, enhancing structural rigidity, stability, simplicity and functionality.
  • Lastly, our catalog includes arm sight optics and modules for different programs, delivering maximum performance, reliability and affordability.
What are weapon-mounted sights used for?
Our day sight and night vision sight offerings are powered by thermal imaging and can be used on assault weapons, light support weapons and specialized sniper weapons, among others. We also have sharp shooter sights utilizing image-intensified, uncooled-thermal and fused imaging technologies. These cater to dismounted and mounted close-combat users. Adding to our lineup is the high-performance, cost-effective sniper sight package. These products have winning capabilities ranging from 24-hour surveillance and targeting to ground-based sniper operations. In addition, for heavy automatic weapons like machine guns, we provide gun mounted sights with the optical resolution needed for accurate target engagement at extended ranges. Moreover, our arms sight optics and modules are developed for ANPAS-13, FWS and global third-party solutions.
Do you offer custom weapon sight solutions?
Definitely. We have an extensive catalog of weapon-mounted sights. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can contact us to request customization. Our team will reach out to you and take the time to understand your requirements. Learn more about how we tailor weapon sights to our customers' specifications. Contact us a call today!
Excelitas Weapon-Mounted Equipment for Dismounted Solider