X-Ray Imaging & Optics

Excelitas develops Qioptiq® X-Ray Imaging Solutions for a variety of radiography applications. These include both standard lens/camera optical modules to fully customized radiology lens/camera systems. Angiographic, surgical or lithotripsy applications require exceptional image quality and high dynamic range. Qioptiq X-Ray solutions meet your demands with high-aperture, exceptional light efficiency (for dose minimization) and full motorization. 

Notice: Our SlimLine and HR Heliflex Imaging solutions have been discontinued however we are accepting new orders up until December 18, 2020 or while supplies last. Excelitas ensures the following:

  • technical support for commissioning the system through to the end of 2020
  • warranty fulfillment of 12 months upon delivery
  • two years of payable repair service after expiry of the warranty period.

Product List