Integrated OEM Optical Systems: X-Ray Imaging & Optics

Excelitas develops Qioptiq X-Ray Imaging Solutions for a variety of radiography applications. These include both standard lens/camera optical modules to fully customized radiology lens/camera systems.

Angiographic, surgical or lithotripsy applications require exceptional image quality and high dynamic range. Qioptiq X-Ray solutions meet your demands with high-aperture, exceptional light efficiency (for dose minimization) and full motorization. Engage us for your next X-Ray imaging solution!

Qioptiq SlimLine 1K x 1K CMOS X-Ray Camera/Lens System

SlimLine 1k x 1k CMOS X-Ray Camera & Lens System

The Qioptiq SlimLine X-Ray Camera/Lens System is the First ever 1K x 1K CMOS-based Camera System designed to deliver superior diagnostic imaging performance and economy. Compatible with all 9” and 12” image intensifiers, SlimLine streamlines OEM integration in mobile C-arm devices. This modular...
Qioptiq Luma X-System 1k² Fluoroscopy Camera

Luma X Fluoroscopy Camera System

The Luma X-System is a 1k² camera for human fluoroscopy. It features a very flat design to allow a short image chain and offers comprehensive data processing options. The Luma X-system combines high-performance optics, mechanics and electronics into a modular lens system optimized for the special...
Qioptiq Heliflex HR High-Resolution CCD Radiographic Camera

HR Heliflex High-Resolution CCD X-Ray Lens

The HR Heliflex is a high-resolution CCD Camera for X-Ray diagnostics, used primarily for angiography, the most demanding discipline in X-Ray diagnostics.This lens is easily adapted to your specific system integration requirements. HR Heliflex is temperature compensated and provides zero-vignetting...
Qioptiq XV Heligon X-Ray Lens for digital radiography

XV Heligon 4k Digital Radiography Lens

The Qioptiq XV Heligon 4k from Excelitas is designed for direct digital radiography with sensors in the range from 2k up to 4k. It represents the high-end optical solution for human medicine direct radiography in combination with a scintillator foil.