Lynx counter measures deployed over Type 45 Guided Missile Destroyer

Directed Infrared Counter Measures (DIRCM)

Springing from our field-proven Qioptiq optics heritage, Excelitas possesses more than 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of optical modules and components for Directed Infrared Counter Measures (DIRCM). Our products help protect military service personnel on a wide range of platforms the world over.

Excelitas provides optronic components, modules and assemblies for a wide range of airborne DIRCM applications

Ultra-Durable Hyper-Hemispherical Dome Assemblies

Excelitas has extensive expertise in fabricating domes manufactured in ultra-durable materials such as sapphire, spinel, and ALON for enhanced durability. We employ patented dome mounting techniques to maximize optical aperture while maintaining positive retention and our novel coating technologies provide optimum uniformity on steep surfaces. And we have developed pProven solutions for dome heating in anti-icing functionality.

DIRCM Assemblies

We devlier optically aligned infrared countermeasure assemblies including infrared telescopes and laser beam expanders. Our precision components and sub-assemblies include laser crystals, corner cubes, beam steering optics, beam combiners and Porro prisms. 

Multi-spectral Coatings

We maintain vast capacity for precision multi-spectral coatings spanning multiple wavebands for enhanced functionality.

US Army CIRCM System Assembly

Multi-spectral Materials

Processing, alignment and assembly of exotic multi-spectral materials are key factors for operational success of DIRCM systems. Excelitas develops and maintains unique processes to fabricate, coat and align these delicate materials whilst being able to withstand harsh military environments.  

Laser Optics

We are capable of super polishing laser optics to angstrom precision. Our expertise carries over to hHigh-laser-damage-threshold coatings with in-process controls including in-house laser damage testing and automated defect measurement.

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