DRAGON-C Ultra-lightweight, Multi-purpose Thermal Weapon/Surveillance Sight

DRAGON-C Ultra-lightweight, Multi-purpose Thermal Weapon/Surveillance Sight

DRAGON-C (Compact) is an ultra-lightweight multi-purpose thermal weapon/surveillance sight that provides all round capability for the dismounted close combat user. DRAGON-C in its in-line configuration, can be integrated with a wide range of optical day sights in the range of x1 - x4 magnification. Light and dust shields can be provided to suit most common day sights.

DRAGON-C is part of the DRAGON family of uncooled thermal products from DRAGON-C utilizes the latest in uncooled thermal cameras, electronics and optical technologies to deliver world leading performance and reliability.

RIGIDITY - All Aluminum construction for structural rigidity and EMC sealing properties ensures good integration and compatibility with surrounding systems.

STABILITY - Boresight stability guaranteed through state-of-the-art optical design and lens mounting techniques.

SIMPLICITY - Controls have been designed and positioned for ease of access and MMI designed for ease of use across all three (3) roles.

FUNCTIONALITY - Polarity, NUC, Auto/Manual settings, zoom, boresight, display brightness, image capture.

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