Infrared Search & Track Dome on a Eurofighter Typhoon

Infrared Search & Track (IRST)

Infrared Search and Track optics enable passive long-range tracking and identification of potential threats for fixed-wing aircraft without risk of detection. Excelitas is a leading provider of optronics for infrared search and track. Our optical modules are in service on Rafale, Typhoon and F-15 platforms amongst others.

Infrared Search & Track Dome on a Eurofighter Typhoon

Precision Dome Manufacture

We offer extensive experience in the manufacture of complex dome geometries in a wide range of materials including Germanium, Silicon, Sapphire, Zinc Sulphide, Spinel, ALON amongst others. We have developed unique patented processes for precision dome mounting to withstand the demanding military environment.

Ultra-Durable Coatings

Our unique ultra-durable coatings are a key differentiator for infrared search and track applications. Our Boron Phosphide (BP) coating far exceeds the durability of alternative coatings, dramatically reducing the through life cost of the system.

Precision Opto-mechanics

Significant experience in precision mechanisms for zoom actuation and active image rotation. We offer a deep knowledge of passive and active athermalization methods using proprietary optical constants for infrared materials that have been proven in the field. We have developed novel algorithms for active compensation of temperature gradients to maximize system performance in all conditions.



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