Kestrel Night Vision Goggles

KESTREL Binocular, Image-Intensified Night-Vision Goggles

KESTREL is a 40° field-of-view, lightweight binocular night-vision goggle designed for the most demanding ground-based operations. KESTREL NVGs offer unrivalled optical performance for high sensitivity at low light levels, delivering enhanced depth perception.

KESTREL is a self-contained system operating on a single AA battery or with a rear auxilliary battery-pack for prolonged operation. The Binocular configuration enables enhanced depth perception and is particularly suitable for vehicle driving, parachute jumps and Special Forces operations even at very low light levels.

These goggles provide a state-of-the-art, ruggedized mechanical design offering stability of the goggle bodies for improved comfort during extended mission use.

KESTREL is available in two versions offering different weight/performance options:

  • KESTREL LW (Light Weight) with F/1.2 lens: Reduced weight for increased mobility
  • KESTREL HP (High Performance) with F/0.95 lens: Fast aperture collects 60% more light than conventional binoculars for increased sensitivity at low light levels.

With a wide range of adjustments and filters, the NVG can be set to specific requirements and is compatible with a variety of helmet mounts and mounting shrouds.

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