Excelitas hybrid receivers can be customized to match your bandwidth and responsivity needs.
Excelitas Si YAG enhanced photodiodes
Excelitas InGaAs APD with Ceramic Carrier and Small Aperture, TO-18 for eye-safe range-finding

Laser Range-Finding Detectors

Excelitas is committed to keeping our troops safe and secure. We provide a portfolio of detectors and emitters that can satisfy a variety of laser range finding applications, from man-portable and fire control systems to unmanned air vehicles.

Our wide range of emitters and detectors can satisfy your laser range finding requirements for standard and mil-spec applications. We offer both standard off-the-shelf products and custom designs to meet your exacting specifications.

We also offer a full line of APDs for commercial range finding applications, as well as a full range of high power laser diodes for commercial range finding applications.

Our offerings include:

  • Si and InGaAs APDs
  • 1060nm NIR enhanced Si APDs
  • Si PIN and APD modules – InGaAs APD modules
  • Pulsed laser diodes