LINOS Bm.X Modular Beam Expanders

LINOS Modular Beam Expanders

The LINOS Bm.X Modular Laser Beam Expander System permits variable expansion ratios with the simple exchange of a module requiring no re-calibration. Available for UV, VIS-YAG and NIR wavelengths.


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LINOS Bm.X Modular Beam Expanders feature internal focus and a high-performance optical and coating design to deliver 30mm exit aperture, residual reflectance of < 0.5 %, and damage threshold > 2 J/cm2 for 10ns pulses at 308nm.

The laser beam expander system bm.x is the only modular beam expander system available worldwide. Its sophisticated design allows you to change the expansion ratio by exchanging a module - without any re-calibration.

Of course, the beam expander family bm.x offers the LINOS precision.

  • The only modular beam expander design available
  • High-performance optical and coating design
  • For laser beam expanding (exit aperture 30 mm)
  • Entrance lens fabricated from fused silica to reduce laser beam divergence

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