Excelitas offers a wide array of optical coatings

LINOS Optical Coatings

From Laser Mirrors and Filters to Beamsplitters and Anti-Reflective Coatings, the extensive range of LINOS® Thin-Film Coatings from Excelitas can meet your most stringent requirements.

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With a wide range of production methods and many years of experience, we can deliver a custom coating solution if our standard coating offerings don't meet your specific requirements. Our consistent quality control ensures you of exacting reliability in planning, even for large series production.

  • Anti-Reflective
  • Metallic Mirror
  • Dielectric Mirror
  • Beamsplitter Coatings
  • Thin-Film Polarization

Discover the full offering of LINOS Thin Film Coatings at www.qioptiq-shop.com.

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