FREE MachVis Lens Configuration Software streamlines your LINOS and Optem Lens specifying process and ensures the optimal solution for your application.
PART/ Version 5.1

MachVis Lens Configurator

Excelitas offers our complimentary MachVis Lens Configurator software to help you identify the perfect LINOS® or Optem® lens solution for your imaging or machine vision requirement. Based upon four key parameters of your application, MachVis will identify the lens solutions that are most suitable to your specification. MachVis identifies all required mechanical accessories (e.g. focusing unit, extension tubes etc.) that you will need and generates useful supporting documentation to streamline your integration planning and ordering processes. Download it now!

Driven by your Application Parameters

MachVis software is designed to help you find the right lens for your machine vision application.

Starting with four simple parameters:

  • Object size
  • Working distance
  • Sensor size
  • Camera mount type

MachVis specifies all necessary accessories (e.g. focusing units, extension tubes, magnifying objectives, camera mount adapters, objective lenses, etc.) and generates an itemized list of all part numbers with a schematic drawing in the order of assembly.

Datahsheet PDFs are also available for detailed analysis, and you can download 3D CAD data with a single click to build into your system drawings as needed. All specifications, along with your own project notes, can be easily saved to your hard drive for archiving and later recall.