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Missile Warning Systems Optics

Our Optronic Solutions for Missile Warning Systems are a key in detecting and tracking missile threats on airborne and ground-based platforms. Operating in the UV or infrared these systems detect incoming threats and countermeasures to be deployed. With more than 8,000 systems deployed worldwide, Excelitas has an unrivaled pedigree in the design and manufacture of missile warning optics for rotary wing, military transport, fast jet and vehicle applications. Our products are in service on NH-90, Tiger, F-16, A400M, Rafale and Puma amongst others.

Excelitas provides a wide range of optics and optomechanical assemblies for Missile Warning Systems

Ultra-Wide Fields of View

Solutions delivering near diffraction limited performance over extremely wide fields-of-view to give 360° coverage. Excelitas has developed novel production techniques and bespoke metrology to ensure the delivery of these systems in volume production.

Ultra-Violet and Infrared Solutions

We offer a depth of experience in the design and manufacture of both solar-blind ultraviolet and infrared missile warning optics.

Unique Coatings

Coatings are key to the performance of missile warning systems. Excelitas has patented processes to ensure coating uniformity over steep optical surfaces and unique filter technology for UV systems.

Excelitas MILDS Missile Warning Assembly

Passive Athermalization

Passive optical athermalization is critical for the operation of these systems over a the extreme military environment. Excelitas has invested in measurement of the thermo-optical properties of optical materials to guarantee optimum performance of wide temperature ranges. In house software models athermalisation of the whole optomechanical assembly in its entirety.

Stray Light Control

To minimize false alarms, stray light control is critical. Excelitas designers have extensive experience in the modelling and control of stray light in these demanding systems.

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