PHOENIX-S Thermal Imaging Clip-On Long-Range Sniper Sight

PHOENIX-S Thermal Imaging, Clip-On, Long-Range Sniper Sight

PHOENIX-S is designed for the most demanding ground-based sniper operations. PHOENIX-S delivers battle winning capability by allowing early and rapid detection, recognition and identification of targets at extended ranges even in zero light conditions. Integration with a wide range of small arms weapon systems and optical day scopes up to 25X magnification is achieved by the in line configuration of PHOENIX-S. PHOENIX-S is a fully digital architecture, offering a wide range of system set up and configuration options to the user accessible via a simple menu system.

PHOENIX-S is designed for the most demanding ground-based sniper operations

PHOENIX-S offers unrivalled optical performance for high sensitivity during day and night conditions, even in poor visibility

PHOENIX-S provides the User with 24-hr extended range target surveillance, recognition and identification

PHOENIX-S utilizes the latest in high resolution MWIR HOT technology to provide a 640 x 480 resolution image compatible with a wide range of sniper scopes.

Superior boresight retention is achieved through engineering design and manufacturing practices to deliver a high performance unit,

PHOENIX-S is powered from AA Lithium batteries and features a hot swap facility to allow continuous operation.

PHOENIX-S provides intuitive controls and a remote control for mission tailoring on different weapon systems.

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