TALON Fused Weapon Sight

TALON Fused Weapon Sight - Image Intensifier / Thermal Imager

TALON is a dual-channel optically Fused Weapon Sight product from Excelitas providing the dismounted close-combat user with an enhanced, multi-waveband detect / recognize / identify capability. TALON is a fully qualified military weapon sight specifically designed for short- and medium-range surveillance and target engagement.

TALON combines the latest Image Intensification and Uncooled Thermal Imaging capability in a compact and lightweight ruggedized package.

TALON is fitted with a 12 ╬╝m, 60 Hz uncooled thermal sensor coupled with a near-silent shutter, delivering best-in-class sensitivity, uniformity and system latency in an ITAR free package.

TALON accommodates alternative Image Intensifier tube options.

TALON provides a low power architecture and is operated from just 2 commercially available Lithium AA batteries .

TALON attaches to Picatinny or NATO accessory rails in front of the day sight via a quick-release throw lever, providing 24 hr capability without the need to remove or re-zero the day sight.

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