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Multispectral Imaging with SWIR Cameras

Dr. Gerhard Holst, Senior Imaging Product & Application Scientist, Excelitas Technologies


The newly released SWIR image sensors for multispectral imaging applications in the extended range from VIS via NIR to SWIR has become more affordable and interesting. This webinar discusses how simple and easy multispectral imaging can be with the right systems in place. A combination of the SWIR camera, pco.pixelfly 1.3 SWIR together with a SWIR optimized industrial microscope – OPTEM SWIR and a multispectral LED illumination system can optimize your multispectral imaging process. This set-up is combined with a new multicomponent analysis software with interactive evaluation of the spectral data. This webinar also discusses applications in smart farming and life sciences as well as the first results of research projects.

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About the Presenter

Dr. Gerhard Holst, Senior Imaging Product & Application Scientist, Excelitas Technologies

Dr. Gerhard Holst graduated at the Technical University Aachen, Germany, with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1991 (Information Technology) and went on to complete his Doctorate at the University of Dortmund in collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institute for Systemphysiology in Dortmund, Germany from 1991 - 1994. Gerhard furthered his research as member of the Microsensor Research Group at the Max-Planck-Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen, Germany from 1994 – 2001. From 2001 – 2021 Gerhard was head of the research & science department at PCO AG, where he was responsible for new technologies, research and sensor projects, including the development of sCMOS image sensors.




Recording: Multispectral Imaging with SWIR Cameras

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