Excelitas Technologies Introduces High-Performance Rodenstock HR Digaron-SW 138 mm Lens for Technical Cameras

New Lens Model Featured on Redesigned Rodenstock Website Delivers Outstanding Image Quality from Infinity to Close Distances

Excelitas Technologies Introduces High-Performance Rodenstock HR Digaron-SW 138 mm Lens for Technical Cameras

Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, expands its Rodenstock® Photo Optics brand with the introduction of the new high-performance HR Digaron-SW 138 mm lens and redesigned Rodenstock Photographic Lenses and Accessories website.

The updated Rodenstock website features increased product and technical data, product objective comparisons and data sheets for the full portfolio of precision-engineered, German-manufactured Rodenstock offerings including the new high-resolution HR Digaron-SW 138 mm lens. Suitable for adjustable technical cameras with the largest available sensors (36x56 mm and 40x54 mm), HR Digaron-SW 138 mm offers a floating elements group that is automatically adjusted when the focusing ring is rotated. This ensures exceptional sharpness for a wide distance range from infinity up to almost 1 m corresponding to a 1:5 image scale (β'=-0.2), with negligible distortion (almost always below 1‰), and completely suppressed chromatic aberration.

The HR Digaron-SW 138 mm lens also provides ample clearance for parallel shifts to correct the perspective or for swing and tilt according to the Scheimpflug rule – the very large 110 mm image circle can be fully utilized over the entire focusing range. The long focal length provides for a comfortable working distance even at the macro limit.

“Excelitas’ popular Rodenstock HR Digaron digital lenses meet the highest quality demands of modern digital backs and confirm the leading position of Rodenstock Photo Optics as a manufacturer of high-end lenses for professional digital cameras,” said Arthur Stauder, Product Manager, Imaging Lenses at Excelitas. “We are pleased to introduce this latest addition to the Rodenstock line of high-performance lenses and feature it as the newest product on our streamlined Rodenstock website.”

The Rodenstock HR Digaron-SW 138 mm lens f/6.5 is supplied with an integrated aperture stop body. The lens with the aperture stop body has no shutter and is therefore suitable for all camera systems with an integrated shutter as well as for digital backs with a global shutter. The lens is not fixed at the camera with a lens plate just behind the shutter as usual, but with a special adapter provided by the camera manufacturer.

For additional information about Excelitas and its Rodenstock Photographic Lenses and Accessories, visit https://www.rodenstock-photo.com/.




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