Pyroelektrische IR-Detektoren und -Sensoren


Die pyroelektrischen Infrarot-Detektoren von Excelitas sind führend in der Bewegungserkennungstechnologie und bieten eine breite Palette von sowohl digitalen als auch analogen Detektorvarianten für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen in Smart Home-, Smart City-, IoT-, Einbruchmelde- und Sicherheitssystemen. Unsere Detektoren sind in Einzel-, Doppel- und Vier-Element-Konfigurationen verschiedener pyroelektrischer Element- und Filtergeometrien erhältlich. Excelitas-Sensoren stellen die innovative Spitze innerhalb der Sensorik im mittleren Infrarot-Bereich dar. Die DigiPyros-Familie ermöglicht Smart-Home- und Smart-Sensing-Anwendungen mit geringem Strombedarf.

Nachfolgend finden Sie ein technisches Einführungsvideo zu Excelitas' umfangreichem Angebot Pyroelektrischer Detektoren zur Bewegungserkennung.

Zusätzliche Ressourcen
Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of Pyroelectric IR Detectors and Sensors?
Excelitas is a global leader in high-performance photonic innovations designed to help create a healthier, cleaner and safer environment for everyone. With a wide range of products, we meet the challenges of motion detection, gas detection, thermometry and indoor climate control applications, among a wide range of other photonic solutions and applications. We specialize in the production of cutting-edge Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors (IR) detectors and sensors. We remain committed to the development of high-quality products, which is evident in the market-wide adoption of our pyroelectric detector solutions in consumer products, medical devices and industrial applications, among many others. We maintain rigorous quality assurance systems, including SPC and reliability testing to ensure exceptional product quality.
What are the different uses of Pyroelectric IR Detectors and Sensors?
Pyroelectric IR detection is a process that involves using a class of materials that exhibit the ability to generate an electric charge or voltage when subjected to temperature changes for the detection infrared (IR) radiation. Pyroelectric materials are typically sensitive to IR radiation, which allows detectors to sense even minute changes in IR radiation among living and non-living bodies. These capabilities are then applied to applications that call for motion detection, presence sensing, temperature measurement, gas detection, spectroscopy and energy management, among others.
What types of Pyroelectric IR Detectors and Sensors do you offer?
Excelitas pulls from decades of experience to deliver leading-edge motion sensing and detection technologies through a comprehensive range of pyroelectric IR detectors. Through the following IR products, we are able to serve a wide range of applications across smart homes, smart cities, burglary detection and security systems. Our innovative pyroelectric solutions are available in single-, dual- and quad-element configurations to offer a wide range of IR sensor surfaces to provide enhanced performance and sensitivity.
What are the applications of Pyroelectric Detectors?
Pyroelectric detectors are versatile pieces of equipment that can be applied in a wide range of applications across various industries. Its detection capabilities are great for meeting the challenges of motion detection, gas detection, thermometry and indoor climate control, as well as other applications across the following industries:
  • Home security
  • Smart homes
  • Industrial automation
  • Commercial establishments
  • Automobil
  • Energy
  • Umweltüberwachung
  • Medicine and Healthcare
  • Forschung
Do you offer custom Pyroelectric Detector Solutions?
Excelitas has been widely recognized as a global technological leader in pyroelectric IR detection and sensing solutions. As a leading manufacturer, we produce pyroelectric products that aid our OEM and end-user customers to achieve their intended applications and meet their performance and reliability requirements. We remain fully committed to the needs of our customers across the globe. As part of this commitment, we also provide customized solutions to accommodate specialized requirements while maintaining the strictest manufacturing standards. If you would like to explore our custom manufacturing capabilities, you are welcome to collaborate with us as we discover how we can help you achieve maximum performance and reliability while optimizing for cost, quality and time-to-market.