Objektive für Inspektion und Machine Vision

Excelitas manufactures a wide array of both inspection and machine vision lenses and imaging systems for all of today's image processing tasks. Eine breite Auswahl an hochwertigen Standardobjektiven ermöglicht es Ihnen, für nahezu jede Anwendung das passende Objektiv zu finden, in der Bildverarbeitung, Mikroinspektion und in der automatisierten optischen Inspektion.

If you don't find the solution you require within our vast lens portfolio, turn to decades of application experience, optical imaging innovation, camera integration and end-to-end systems expertise in illumination, sensing, and electronics to engage a custom inspection or machine vision lens or imaging system solution specifically designed for you.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of Inspection and Machine Vision Lenses?
Excelitas Technologies is a global leader in delivering market-driven photonic solutions for inspection and machine vision lenses. We offer custom-tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of OEM and end-user customers across various industries. Our extensive experience together with our brands LINOS®, Optem® and Qioptiq and global presence ensures reliable, high-performance lenses and imaging systems for all of today’s image processing tasks.
What are the different uses of Inspection and Machine Vision Lenses?
Machine and inspection vision lenses are specialized types of optical lenses designed for use in machine systems that enable automation in different applications. Machine and inspection vision lenses play critical roles in industrial and manufacturing processes, as they allow the capturing of high-quality images or video footage of objects, scenery or processes. These are then processed and analyzed by machine vision software in order to produce the intended action. Through these capabilities, inspection and machine vision lenses can then be used in industrial automation, quality control, robotics and inspection tasks, among other applications.
What types of Inspection and Machine Vision Lenses do you offer?
Excelitas, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of a wide array of lenses and imaging systems, proudly offers a broad range of premium off-the-shelf lens solutions that allow you to address your image processing, micro-inspection and automated optical inspection needs across a wide range of applications. Our comprehensive lens solutions are as follows:
  • MachVis Lens Selector - complimentary software that helps you identify the perfect LINOS or Optem lens solution for your specific imaging or machine vision requirements.
  • d.fine HR-M Series - designed with a ground up design to allow ultra-precision imaging performance across large field-of-views.
  • d.fine HR 2.4/128 Lens - high-resolution inspection lens optimized for a magnification factor of 3.33X, providing maximum versatility for even the most demand high-throughput imaging applications.
  • Inspec.x High-Resolution Lenses for Large Sensors - a rugged series of lenses that offer extraordinary imaging quality for large sensors. This series covers various magnification ranges and provides prism and area-scan module solutions for high-performance line-scan and area-scan imaging.
  • MeVis C-Mount Lenses - developed explicitly for the highest-resolution sensors. They come with a high numerical aperture and exceptional resolution to ensure optimal performance for the most demanding applications.
  • Rodagon Lens Series - a family of Machine Vision lenses that offer high-quality imaging for line- and area-scan applications.
  • LINOS Machine Vision Accessories - an extensive collection of accessories like helical focus mounts, adapters and extension tubes designed specifically for mounting our LINOS Machine Vision lenses to cameras used in industrial environments.
  • Optem FUSION Micro-Imaging System - next-generation of precision micro-imaging lens system that comes with a modular design and infinity corrected optics, offering maximum versatility in machine vision, automated optical inspection and non-contact metrology.
  • mag.x 125 Widefield Microscope System - evolved from our Qioptiq® heritage that comes with a variable system and fully modular construction for maximum versatility in its adaptation in many applications.
  • Macro CCD Lenses - developed for CCD Cameras and deliver exceptional resolution, contrast, color neutrality and virtually distortion-free imaging.
  • A-Zoom Probing Microscopes - probing microscope that comes in a compact, single-objective design for value-added wafer imaging. It eliminates cumbersome nose-turret manipulation, which improves wafer probing throughput.
What are the applications of Machine and Inspection Vision Lenses?
Excelitas offers high-quality solutions that enable our customers to achieve their performance and reliability goals. Our solutions are versatile and can be applied in various environments for the following applications:
  • Quality control
  • Robotics and automation
  • Defect detection
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Flat Panel Display Inspection
  • Display Characterization
  • PCB Inspection
  • Glass Inspection
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • Line Scan Inspection
  • 2D & 3D Metrology
  • Cultural Heritage Digitization
Do you offer custom Machine and Inspection Vision Lenses?
Excelitas is widely recognized as a global leader in advanced photonics technologies. Through our comprehensive lens portfolio, we are able to assist our customers in the industrial and manufacturing sector, allowing enhanced capabilities that help improve productivity without compromising product quality. If you are not able to find the solution you require within our off-the-shelf product offerings, we can also engage with you to develop a customized solution specifically designed for you and your intended application. Look to our decades of application experience, optical imaging innovation, camera integration and end-to-end systems expertise in illumination, sensing and electronics to help maximize your opportunities.