Detektionsmodule für geringste Lichtleistungen

Von einzelnen Photonen bis hin zu mW, von 400 nm bis hin zu 1,7 µm bietet die Produktfamilie der hochempfindlichen Detektionsmodule (low-light-level-detection, L3D) von Excelitas höchste Performance in kompakten, benutzerfreundlichen Gehäusen, die mit einer 5-V-DC-Stromversorgung betrieben werden.

Die L3D Module sind ideal geeignet für Labor- und OEM-Anwendungen wie zum Beispiel Astronomie, Durchfluss-Zytometrie, Partikel-Charakterisierung, Quantenkryptographie, Wind-LiDAR und vieles mehr.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of Low-Light-Level Detection Modules?
Excelitas Technologies is a global leader in designing and manufacturing advanced photonic solutions to help create a healthier, safer and brighter future. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of photodiodes and photon detection solutions that enable our customers to create masterful products on the cutting edge of technology. From single photons to mW, our industry-leading Low-Light-Level Detection (L3D) Modules offer industry-leading performance while coming in compact, easy-to-use packages that are capable of operating from a single 5V DC power supply. Through these densely packed high-performance solutions, we can support the operational requirements of countess applications across various industries.
What are the different uses of L3D Modules?
L3D modules are specialized modules or systems that are typically used in detecting and analyzing extremely weak light signals in low-light conditions. These modules often incorporate incredibly sensitive photodetectors, such as avalanche photodiodes (APDs) or photomultiplier tubes (PMTs), with supporting electronics and signal processing capabilities to enable the detection and measurement of light signals that are way below the threshold of human perception. These capabilities are best utilized in applications like astronomy, flow cytometry, particle characterization, quantum cryptography, wind LiDAR.
What types of L3D Modules do you offer?
Excelitas incorporates only the best in cutting-edge technology in order to develop advanced photonic solutions that provide industry-leading performance and reliability. Our L3D modules are available in compact, easy-to-use packages, described as follows:
  • Single Photon Counting Modules (SPCMs) - this family of self-contained modules meet the low-light-detection demands of applications in specialized fields like confocal microscopy, luminescence, fluorescence, time-related single photon counting (TCSPC), particle sizing and quantum communications. Products within this family include the SPCM-AQ4C, SPCM-AQRH and SPCM-AQRH-TR and SPCM-NIR.
  • Coherent InGaAs PIN Balanced Receiver Module (CIPRM) - this series of balanced optical receivers offers a practical solution for the detection of small changes above the interfering noise floor of incoming optical signals, canceling out the common optical noise. It features high-performance InGaAs photodiodes and a low noise, high gain transimpedance amplifier.
What are the applications of Low-Light-Level Detection Modules?
L3D Modules offer significant benefits well-suited for a wide range of applications across industries that require sensitive light detection capabilities in the most challenging lighting conditions. These include the following applications:
  • Quantenkommunikation
  • Partikelgrößenbestimmung
  • Konfokale Mikroskopie
  • Photon correlation spectroscopy
  • Quantenkryptographie
  • Astronomical observation
  • Optical range finding
  • Adaptive optics
  • Ultra-sensitive fluorescence
Do you offer custom Low-Light-Level Detection Modules?
Excelitas manufactures a wide range of off-the-shelf, high-performance L3D Modules that suit a wide range of potential applications that meet the needs of our OEM and end-user customers across the globe. These products have been designed and manufactured with reliability and versatility in mind, capable of integrating seamlessly with existing systems and new applications. In some cases, our customers may have specialized requirements that may not have been included in our off-the-shelf offerings. We also cater to these requirements by collaborating with our clients through all stages of design and development to create products that align with their target specifications and targets without compromising product quality, cost and time to market. If you have specific requirements, we'll be happy to accommodate them.