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Excelitas ist ein führender Innovator auf dem Gebiet der Photonik, und unsere Technologieexperten publizieren häufig Beiträge in Branchenzeitschriften und Fachmedien der vielen Märkte und Technologiebereiche, in denen wir tätig sind. Wir informieren über neue Technologien, Markt- und Anwendungstrends sowie über Herausforderungen für die Branche. Durch engen Kontakt mit unseren Kunden und der Branche bauen wir unseren Ruf als Vordenker weiter aus.

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UV Curing Systems for Fiber Optic Cables
Inkjet Printing and Marking Technology
Wire and Cable Technology International
Fiber optic cables are essential components of modern telecommunications infrastructure. These cables consist of multiple fiber optic cores, fiber optic bundles, bundling material, rip cord and even electrical conductors.
Excelitas WinLens Optical Design Software
Lens-Design Software Enables Modern Precision Optics
Laser Focus World
John Wallace’s article in the May issue of Laser Focus World provides a background on some commercial examples of current lens-design software packages, including Excelitas’ powerful, intuitive simulation program for designing optical imaging systems.
X-Cite XYLIS for LED illumination in Life Sciences
LEDs in Life Sciences and Medical Illumination
Lighting Magazine
Traditionally life science and medical endoscopy have turned to the broadband light sources such as mercury, metal halide and xenon lamps to fulfill their demanding illumination requirements. With recent advances in light emitting diodes, these applications are now replacing traditional lamp-based light sources to take full advantage of LED technology.
UV LED Printer Specialist Printing Article
Light the Way
Specialist Printing Worldwide
Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been broadly adopted in the general lighting market, and now in the ultraviolet (UV) space, due to their many benefits – from their long life to lower power consumption and improved environmental footprint. The rate of commercial adoption has been positively affected by improved pricing, performance, and support from formulators of adhesives, coatings, and inks. The use of UV LEDs has generated new print opportunities, performance advantages, and productivity enhancements, helping manufacturers to differentiate their applications and further driving acceptance and successful integrations of LEDs onto printer platforms.
Excelitas F-Theta-Ronar Lenses
Careful Optical-System Design Enables Cutting-Edge High-Power Laser Applications
Laser Focus World
The increasing demand for high-power lasers (100 W up to kilowatts) in laser materials processing presents a technical challenge for optical components such as f-theta lenses, beam expanders, and Faraday isolators. As a result, thermally induced beam-degradation effects are playing an increasing role in a variety of high-power laser and related applications.