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OmniCure AC8300 for Transitioning from Conventional UV to LED Curing
Manufacturing Conversion: Transitioning from Conventional UV to LED Curing
Adhesives and Sealants Industry
While the process steps in a UV LED manufacturing conversion are slightly more involved than a direct-swap mercury replacement, the benefits are often significant and well worth the time and effort. Learn what factors need to be considered to properly transition to LED Curing and how an informed, proactive UV LED manufacturing conversion for a conventional UV curing line can deliver significant time and cost savings for the future.
LED UV Curing for UV Printing
Getting into it with UV
Industrial Print Magazine
UV LED curing systems are one of the reasons digital printing is gaining traction in manufacturing facilities. The ink curing process is sped up dramatically thanks to LED lights, which also allow for a wider range of substrates or surfaces to be printed to directly. Read this Industrial Print Magazine article to learn about the critical factors for implementing UV curing into a production process from a number of industry experts
Additive Manufacturing MPO Article
Adding Fabrication Capabilities: Additive Manufacturing for Production Parts
Medical Products Outsourcing
Rapid advances in additive manufacturing/3D printing (AM/3DP) have taken these technologies to the point where medical device companies can produce highly functional and durable metal and polymer components that deliver outstanding performance in the medical end-use environment. AM can simplify complex designs (fewer parts, fewer steps) and utilize new material configurations and alloys. AM-derived products can also comply with current requirements and regulations for testing and validation.
Display Manufacturing Enriches Consumer Products
Display Manufacturing Enriches Consumer Products
Photonics Spectra
Consumer electronics are growing more sophisticated, at breakneck speed and with remarkable advancements in technology and refinement. New manufacturing technologies enable higher-quality displays — from big-screen TVs to smartphones — for consumer electronics.
Achieving the Ultimate Wavelength UV LED Curing Systems
Achieving the Ultimate Wavelength UV LED Curing Systems
Industrial Print Magazine
UV LED curing is used throughout the print process to dry or cure anything from ink to coatings. It works very quickly compared to other curing processes like conventional UV and mercury arc lamps in addition to many other advantages.
Silicon APDs and APD for autonomous vehicles
An Avalanche of APD Innovations
Photonics Spectra
When autonomous vehicles hit the streets, they navigate with the help of avalanche photodiodes, or APDs. These semiconductor photodetectors capture returning laser pulses as part of LiDAR systems, and this APD-derived data determines the distance to other vehicles, to objects, and to people — information critical for safe driving.