Photodioden und Arrays

Excelitas verwendet Silizium und IndiumGalliumArsenid Materialien für Photodioden zur Detektion im Wellenlängenbereich von 220 nm bis 1700 nm. Diese Photodioden werden in unterschiedlichen Chipgrößen angeboten, um den Kundenanforderungen hinsichtlich Empfindlichkeit, Geschwindigkeit und Bauform gerecht zu werden. Um eine große Bandbreite an spezifischen Anwendungen abzudecken, sind eine Vielzahl verschiedener Modelle erhältlich.

Unsere Photodioden-Arrays werden in bildgebenden Röntgenscannern eingesetzt. Die Röntgenstrahlen werden mit Hilfe eines geeigneten Szintillatorkristalls in sichtbares Licht umgewandelt. Das von dem Szintillator erzeugte Licht kann dann von der Photodiode detektiert werden. Die Arrays werden mit Chip-on-Board-Technologie gefertigt und sind optional mit Szintillatorkristall erhältlich.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of Photodiodes and Array Solutions?
Excelitas is recognized globally as a leader in the design and production of cutting-edge, advanced photonic detection solutions that deliver unmatched reliability and performance in various applications. These photodiode array detector solutions have been manufactured to meet our customers' speed and sensitivity requirements. Our comprehensive range of photodiode array detector units fully utilize Silicon and InGaAs materials to provide detection from 220 nm to 1700 nm. With this wide range of photodiode array products, we are able to help our customers develop devices at the forefront of technology. Look to Excelitas' extensive experience in advanced photonic technologies to deliver reliable products that meet the demands of the market.
What are the different uses of Photodiodes and Arrays?
A photodiode array is an array of photodiodes that have been packaged on a single chip. The configurations of photodiodes on the chip can be one-dimensional, linear strips, or two-dimensional arrays. Photodiode arrays are commonly used in applications that need measurements, such as in moderate to high-intensity imaging applications. Unlike traditional CCD sensors, photodiode arrays offer more sensitivity toward low-light applications while typically costing less than CCD sensors. They are designed to provide a highly sensitive response in specialized applications, such as in measuring the reflectance or scattering of light in LiDAR systems, chromatography, fluorescence, and spectroscopy.
What types of Photodiodes and Arrays do you offer?
Excelitas proudly offers advanced solutions that enable customers to achieve their goals through our comprehensive range of photodiodes and arrays products. Here are some more pieces of information about each available product line:
  • Silicon PIN Photodiodes - for versatile solutions that accommodate numerous potential applications, silicon PIN photodiodes are ideal. They come with a PIN structure, which offers high quantum efficiency and fast response times in the detection of photons in the 400 nm to 1100 nm range.
  • Photodiodes for Radon Detection - the VTH21 series of photodiode sensors by Excelitas provides excellent radon detection capabilities. These sensors come with a robust chip design for the optimal detection of alpha particles emitted by radioactive materials like radon gas. They also have low capacitances to be more responsive against any radiation of interest and come in two configurations, namely the 5x5mm and 10x10mm, with both offering large active areas for maximum detection of low-level radiation.
  • Photodiode Arrays - Excelitas offers a wide array of standard catalog photodiode arrays that have standard pitch values ranging from 0.8mm to 2.5mm. These devices are well-suited for x-ray imaging and can be customized for more specialized applications.
  • Optoelectronic Components for Smoke Detection - electro-optical smoke detector units generally comprise two components: an emitting diode and a photodiode assembly. These components enable the device to accurately detect the presence of smoke and are well-equipped to address the requirements of electro-optical smoke detectors.
  • InGaAs PIN Photodiodes - providing high quantum efficiency within the 800 nm to 1700 nm range, the InGaAs PIN detectors provide high resistance for high sensitivity, low capacitance, high linearity, and excellent uniformity across the detection active area to ensure maximum performance.
  • Industry Standard Si Photodiodes - this product family features Excelitas’ VTD series of planar silicon photodiodes. These come in molded plastic packages that transmit infrared signals while blocking visible light. These versatile products can be used in a wide range of applications as a replacement for competitive devices.
  • Fast-Response Si Photodiodes - for applications that require an excellent response in the IR-spectral range, Excelitas’ fast-response silicon photodiodes are an ideal choice. These devices can be operated under reverse bias to achieve lower capacitance levels that ensure faster response times or in photovoltaic mode, which increases its response times and is ideal for applications where the speed of response is not critical.
  • Blue-Enhanced Si Photodiodes - designed for optimum response to the visible light spectrum, this photo diode array series comprises P on N silicon planar photodiodes that can be operated variably under photovoltaic mode and a small reverse bias.
  • Ambient Light Sensors - for applications that require a response similar to the human eye, then our ambient light sensors are the ideal solution. IR-filtered silicon phototransistors and IR-filtered silicon photodiodes can be used to measure ambient light intensity to trigger a response from the device.
What are the applications of Photodiodes and Arrays?
Excelitas’ comprehensive range of products for photodiodes and arrays can be used in many applications including the applications below, among others:
  • LiDAR
  • Telecom
  • Messinstrumente
  • Electro-optical smoke detection
  • X-ray scanning of luggage, cargo and food
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Umgebungslichtsensorik
  • UV- und Blaulichterkennung
  • Flammenüberwachung
  • Lichtmessung
  • Puls-Oximeter
Do you offer custom Photodiodes and Arrays?
Excelitas has been known to produce high-quality photonic solutions that can be applied to a wide range of applications. All our products have been manufactured following the highest quality standards to ensure their reliability and effectiveness. These are all available off-the-shelf, but special requests are also welcome to help our customers with more specific applications. Should you have any questions and special requests, do not hesitate to communicate with us to ensure that your requests are accommodated during design and production.