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Getting into it with UV

UV LED Curing Systems

UV LED curing systems are one of the reasons digital printing is gaining traction in manufacturing facilities. The ink curing process is sped up dramatically thanks to LED lights, which also allow for a wider range of substrates or surfaces to be printed to directly.

For manufacturers—in any industry—unfamiliar with digital printing and UV LED curing systems there are certain things that they need to know prior to committing to integrating a system into their facility.

Read this Industrial Print Magazine article to learn about the critical factors for implementing UV curing into a production process from a number of industry experts, including Excelitas' OmniCure Senior Product Manager Pamela Lee.


Part two of the article, “Putting the Ultra in Ultra Violet,” details products from suppliers of UV LED curing systems.

Excelitas’ OmniCure AC Series of products offer a variety of UV LED solutions. From small to large area curing, and various output power tiers that utilize the same mechanical form factor, the OmniCure AC Series allows for manufacturers to scale their process speeds without major changes in integration. To further enable growth and scalability, AC Series products can be adjoined end to end without any impact to the optical uniformity to expand the cure width. OmniCure systems also feature a patented technology to individually address each LED module segment in the curing unit. This allows for the unique ability to precisely control the illumination area for extremely tight uniformity and/or unique custom curing profiles.