Imaging Lenses & Systems

Originating from our Qioptiq® heritage, Excelitas offers a broad range of high-performance LINOS® Machine Vision Lenses. Engage our year's of expertise and diverse portfolio of lenses specifically designed to address most any conceivable application in automated optical inspection and machine vision. If one of our many off-the-shelf products doesn't meet your needs, engage our experts to develop a custom solution for you.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of imaging lenses & systems?
At Excelitas, we offer a comprehensive range of high-performance LINOS Machine Vision Lenses and optical equipment originating from our Qioptiq® heritage. We leverage our years of experience and diverse portfolio in addressing your most pressing needs in automated optical inspection and machine vision. Trust us to deliver first-class products that meet your requirements with our passion for quality and uncompromising standards.
What types of imaging lenses & systems do you offer?
Excelitas proudly offers a wide array of machined lenses to offer a diverse portfolio that can support various applications across different industries, beginning with our high-performance LINOS Machine Vision Lenses and micro-optics. These machined lenses from Qioptiq® are widely used in medical endoscopic, ophthalmic, and analytical systems for integrated optical equipment.   To help you with the image processing tasks of today, look no further than our inspection and machine vision lenses. With the Excelitas stamp of quality, you are now well-equipped to tackle any tasks in image processing, micro-inspection, and automated optical inspections with the use of first-class lenses that get the job done.   Observe life under the microscope with greater clarity with microscopic objectives from Optem®. When integrated with the Optem FUSION Micro-Imaging Lens System, you can rely on the system’s excellent magnification and superior resolution for greater precision.   Lastly, we are proud to offer photographic and imaging lenses from Rodenstock® that feature best-in-class Lenses, Lens Filters and Accessories. We also offer customized imaging lens solutions that maximize image quality to suit the demands of various highly-specialized applications and OEM system integrations.
What are the applications of imaging lenses & systems?
Our high-performance LINOS Machine Vision lenses provide excellent viewing capabilities well-suited in a variety of applications across different industries. Our microscopic objectives, for instance, are widely-used in high-performing laboratories that require greater magnification for better precision in the analysis of samples and more accurate diagnoses. Meanwhile, our micro-optic machined lenses are a staple in the production of many electronic devices today, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. And together with our inspection and machine vision lenses, our photographic and imaging lenses support a wide range of professional industries that rely on the performance of optical equipment, such as professional photography, videography, cinematography, and aerial imaging.
Can our imaging lenses & systems be customized?
Yes! Although Excelitas is known for designing and manufacturing off-the-shelf high-performance LINOS Machine Vision lenses, we are proud to offer custom solutions to accommodate your specific requirements. Through our roots in optical innovation, we can help you develop customized solutions with machined lenses that provide maximum clarity and precision. Simply engage with our experts to know more about how we can help you.

Need something better suited to your specific requirements?

Engage Excelitas to meet your most complex custom requirement.