Thermal Infrared Sensors

Excelitas “Thermal IR Sensors” represent a wide range of Pyroelectric Detectors, Thermopile Detectors and IR sensor modules. Our leading edge IR sensing technologies are used for motion detection, presence monitoring, temperature measurement and gas detection to enable smarter homes, improved energy efficiency, better health, safer home security and a more expansive and connected IOT. In addition to our wide offering of off-the-shelf devices, we also specialize in customized solutions for your specific needs.


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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of thermal infrared sensors?
At Excelitas, we offer a wide array of IR sensor solutions that provide excellent performance, strong reliability, and innovative features. The consistent quality of our products is a result of our dedication to strict, cutting-edge quality assurance processes and measures. With our commitment to the highest standards of quality, you can depend on our industry-leading IR sensor solutions to help you safeguard your homes, save energy, and provide comfort and security.
What types of thermal infrared sensors do you offer?
The Excelitas product catalog contains three types of IR sensors that support various applications across all residential, commercial, industrial, or public areas. For instance, our IR sensor modules are perfect for the modern home, offering creative ways for integrating motion-sensing technology in lighting fixtures, smart appliances, surveillance equipment, and other aspects of your home.   Our pyroelectric detectors have highly sensitive surfaces that allow the accurate detection of objects in diverse environments. These qualities make our pyroelectric detectors well-suited for monitoring process equipment, safety systems, surveillance equipment, gas emissions, and body movement, among many others.   Lastly, our highly-sensitive thermopile detectors come with a range of specially designed sensors that are perfect for any form of non-contact temperature measurement, thermometry, or gas monitoring.
What are the applications of thermal infrared sensors?
At Excelitas, we place a premium on superior quality and excellent performance in the production of our pyroelectric detectors, thermopile detectors, and IR sensor modules. With unmatched quality in mind, our IR sensing technologies can provide what you need in a number of cutting-edge applications. Here are a few:  
  • Indoor Residential: motion sensors can trigger responses from a number of electronic devices such as an electronic car garage, zoned lighting, and HVAC systems.
  • Outdoor Residential: motion-activated features can enhance security and safety in outdoor environments with smart alarms that can detect movement or by triggering safety lighting to illuminate driveways, pathways, and entrances.
  • Kitchen: IR technologies are instrumental in improving the safety features in modern kitchens with enhanced temperature and gas sensing capabilities for greater safety and comfort inside the kitchen.
  • Public Facilities: light-sensing technologies enable the use of smart lighting solutions that help conserve energy, reduce light pollution, and decrease spending on utilities.
  • Commercial Spaces: offices can gain many benefits from motion detection and presence monitoring capabilities of IR-based technologies that enable sensor-controlled functionalities such as light-sensing luminaires, presence-based shut-off sequence for computer terminals, and dynamic temperature controls.
  • Industrial Complexes: IR technologies in the industrial setting create more efficient processes and enhance safety with better equipment monitoring, easier data collection, and enhanced exhaust detection, resulting in a more productive workforce.
Can our thermal infrared sensors be customized?
Of course! Aside from our off-the-shelf IR solutions, Excelitas Technologies also specializes in bespoke infrared solutions that cater to your needs. Take a look at our portfolio for specific applications that we can offer you to fulfill your particular requirement. You can also contact us directly to explore your options.

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