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Excelitas Technologies offers a wide range of high-performance electronics, power and energetics technologies to drive your most demanding photonic systems. Our Electronics & Power offering includes Capacitor Chargers, Spark Gaps and Transformers, High-Voltage DC Power Supplies and Atomic Frequency Standards. Our Energetics portfolio includes Electronic Safe & Arm devices, Detonators, Ignition Safety devices, and Rocket Motor Initiators.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of electronics and power solutions?
Excelitas delivers superior electronics and power supplies for photonic systems tailored exactly to your specifications. You can choose from our wide assortment of energetic devices or high energy switches to develop compliant systems and cost-effective power supplies and systems to add to your design. Tell us what you need, and we'll put our decades of experience and craftsmanship to work to create solutions that match the toughest demands in your market.
What types of electronics and power technologies do you offer?
Over the years, we have been at the forefront of producing high-performance, custom electronics, power and energetics technologies. Our expansive portfolio in this category includes energetic components and devices, power supplies, space-qualified rubidium clocks and high-energy switching solutions. At the product level, we specialize in Electronic Safe and Arm Devices (ESAD), Electronic Safe, Arm and Fire Devices (ESAF) and Firing Modules (FM), which enable sophisticated missile and munition sub-systems. We also have reliable spark gaps, transformers, thyristors and more to cater to complex applications.
What are the applications of electronics and power systems?
Diverse markets leverage the latest advances in electronics and power technologies, including aerospace, defense, medical, dental, semiconductor and industrial manufacturing. Power supplies like capacitor chargers are useful in various applications ranging from flashlamp pumped laser systems and excimer lasers to pulsed UV curing and sterilization, radar and radio-frequency (RF) systems. Meanwhile, the Excelitas rubidium atomic frequency standards (RAFS) clocks integrate well into global navigation satellite systems. And lastly, the offering in our energetics portfolio are designed to meet the rising demand for precision weapon systems and electronic safing, initiation, actuation and detonation applications.
Can electronic products and power supplies be customized?
Yes, and as they should. Photonic solutions like high-voltage DC power supplies, ignition safety devices and rocket motor initiators need to be durable, reliable and long-lasting. So it is critical to engineer solutions that align with each customer’s application and system requirements. No matter how complex or complicated, Excelitas Technologies offers custom designs to ensure supreme performance. We can provide a lightweight solution for airborne applications, compress the power supply into a space-constrained or unique form factor, deploy active power factor correction (PFC) or address thermal management challenges.
What are the advantages of tailored electronics and power solutions?
An in-depth understanding of your unique challenges and requirements drives our business processes. From design to delivery, we pay attention to the details, address customer-specific needs and work toward your unique and optimal solution. On your end, this translates into efficiency in managing performance, budget and schedule. You can also rest assured that the quality of the results boosts your market position and reputation among your end-users.

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