GPS Clocks

The Excelitas Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standard ( RAFS) is an exceptionally high-performance and high-reliability space-qualified rubidium clock developed for global navigation satellite systems.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of GPS clocks?
Excelitas boasts a broad portfolio of electronic components and systems that address various application requirements. Our offerings include the Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standard or RAFS clock, an atomic clock with superior reliability and stability. These qualities make our devices qualified for space applications, such as global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).
What types of GPS clocks do you offer?
Our team of experts engineer high-performing RAFS or the space-qualified rubidium clock which are preferred for its simplicity, light weight and lower cost while remaining effective for space applications where a highly stable and extremely reliable atomic clock is needed. The satellite system GPS (Global Positioning System) and GNSS must be stable and accurate; such stringent requirements that Excelitas experts strive to meet in designing rubidium atomic clocks. We provide you with end-to-end solutions to ensure superior device quality and performance. From needs assessment to design and testing, we have specialists who lend their mastery in making sophisticated GNSS and GPS clocks.
What are the specific requirements for GPS clocks?
Accurate timing and frequency are the chief requirements for atomic clocks. Negligible environmental sensitivity, combined with low drift and stability, are also factors in their design and development. At Excelitas, we have a meticulous process for building RAFS that highly satisfy these conditions. Our off-the-shelf devices are available for space applications. We also offer tailor-made solutions if you are looking for something more intricate than our standard products. Let us know what you need, and we'll do our best to create a prototype subject to your approval.
What are the applications of GPS clocks?
Atomic frequency standard clocks are extremely accurate and, as such, are preferred for space applications. In particular, these devices are taken into orbit or deep space. Excelitas RAFS is the highest performance device of this type currently available. It is designed to meet the demands of satellite systems, thanks to its stability and low drift with negligible environmental sensitivity, while offering the small size, weight, and power advantages of the rubidium atomic frequency standard.
Can GPS clocks be customized?
Given the exact requirements of space applications, it is recommended to entrust the customization of your device only to the professional experts. In this case, you need not look further. Excelitas has a team of detail-oriented scientists, designers and engineers that can tailor the offering to your specifications. We have the capability to build unique solutions beyond our standard portfolio of brands and products.   Contact us to learn more about our custom-order process.

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