Laser Optics

Excelitas possesses the advanced engineering, fabrication, coating and assembly expertise to provide high-performance, laser optics.

We manufacture a wide range of laser optics and optical components from objective lenses and beam expanders used in laser material processing as well as, magneto- and electro-optic modules to enable your laser system and machinery innovation. From premium off-the-shelf products, to turnkey custom solutions... Engage Excelitas for single-source ease and reliability across every aspect of your laser system’s photonic requirements. 

For all other precision optics requirements, visit our Optics section to learn more about our comprehensive offering and custom solutions.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of laser optics?
Excelitas Technologies is your premier source of high-performance off-the-shelf products and custom turnkey solutions for demanding applications. When it comes to laser optics, you can specifically leverage our LINOS product portfolio. Our exceptional brand combined with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced engineering capabilities enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions. Choosing us means you get access to accurate and reliable laser equipment and components.
What types of laser optics do you offer?
All of our laser optics carry the trusted LINOS brand name. Our broad array of laser material processing optics consists of manual and motorized LINOS beam expanders and LINOS f-theta-ronar and focus-ronar lenses. We also have laser optic accessories like shearing interferometers. Meanwhile, the magneto- and electro-optic modules showcase multiple technologies, such as optical crystal based Q-switching, optical isolation and laser beam modulation. Specifically, this includes Pockels cells, laser modulators and Faraday isolators.
What are the safety requirements for laser optics and optical components?
At Excelitas, we observe all aspects of laser safety in the assembly, coating, engineering and fabrication of laser optics. In particular, we follow the technical specifications for laser materials processing. This is in line with our commitment to getting it right the first time for our customers. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf optical component or tailored turnkey solution, we employ strict quality control. All our products and systems are safe, compliant and reliable.
What are the applications of laser optics?
Excelitas’ laser optics and optical equipment cater to many demanding applications. Our LINOS focusing lenses combine design, materials and manufacturing precision to power your laser material processing system. They work together with our variable beam expanders to bolster laser material processing applications. All LINOS beam expanders can also be implemented in reverse mode as beam reducers. Meanwhile, our fixed beam expanders can focus laser beams at long distances and reduce laser beam divergence, among others. They are used to establish beam alignment or control optoelectronic systems.
Can laser optics be customized?
Yes. We provide custom solutions beyond our standard portfolio of laser optics. You can contact us about your desired configuration and similar requests, and our team will get back to you shortly. We strive to understand your unique requirements to ensure alignment of design and prototype with your goals and vision. Trust us to deliver technologies with faster time-to-market and lower costs, affording you an advantage over your competitors.

Need something better suited to your specific requirements?

Engage Excelitas to meet your most complex custom requirement.