Industrial Manufacturing LiDAR and Range Finding

LiDAR and Range Finding

Detectors in Laser meters for LiDAR and Range Finding

Excelitas has a long and rich history in the field of LiDAR and range finding, from early pioneering work by Dr. McIntyre on Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) to today’s in-house state of the art manufacturing facilities. We have a proven track record of expertise and accomplishments to help bring next generation designs to life.

Field-proven in mission critical defense, aerospace and outer space LiDAR applications, our emitter and detector products provide not only the performance required but also the long-term reliability needed in this competitive field.

We offer emitter solutions at both 905 nm and 1550 nm, as well as other wavelengths on demand. On the detection side, both Silicon and InGaAs are available, in either PIN or APD variants. Drive and readout electronics are also available.

Detectors in Drones for LiDAR and Range Finding

Excelitas emitters and detectors are offered in various packages ranging from hermetically-sealed TO cans to small form factor surface-mount technology (SMT) packages. Monolothic arrays are also available where higher resolution is required in a given system, and very precise positioning is needed between adjacent channels.

LiDAR and range finding are part of our everyday lives, from laser meters found at the hardware store, lane departure warnings in automobiles, and drones to surveying equipment on construction sites. Leveraging our long domain experience, we can help you select the right solution for your application, simplifying the selection process and accelerating your time to market.

Beyond our emitter and detection technologies, Excelitas has a rich optical heritage in high-performance imaging lenses and micro-optics for machine vision, aerial imaging and cinematography applications to further address the needs of your application.