Light Sources

Excelitas offers an array of illumination and lighting technologies with custom design capabilities aligned with customer requirements to deliver an illumination solution optimized to your specifications. From simply supplying a discrete LED, Laser, Lamp or UVC source to providing a complete, integrated system, Excelitas consistently delivers lighting solutions for the most demanding applications. 

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your lighting solutions provider?
Excelitas is defined by a diverse portfolio of end-to-end photonic solutions and deep application to address your specific light technology needs. From supplying discrete illumination sources to delivering complete and integrated systems, we bring the breadth and depth required at any stage of your end-user product development. Our goal is to produce high-value lighting and illumination systems to meet the diverse demands of multiple markets and applications.
What types of lighting technologies do you offer?
We offer a wide range of high-value lighting and illumination innovations designed to address a plethora of photonics requirements. Our extensive expertise spans the development and distribution of sophisticated UVC (ultraviolet C) solutions, flexible UV curing systems, optimized LED (light-emitting diode) systems, superior-quality laser product lines, Swept-source Lasers and Systems as well as high-stability lamp systems.
What are the applications of lighting solutions?
Lighting sources and illumination systems are used in a broad array of fields, including the industrial, sciences, and medical fields, as well as consumer products. In particular, UVC disinfection light sources play a critical role in protecting people and the environment from microbial contamination. Specialty LED components provide lighting in medical and industrial settings, while fluorescence LED illuminators help power microscopy applications. In areas where high-precision tools impact the reliability of results, such as biomedical imaging and metrology, lasers and multi-line laser engines are in demand. Meanwhile, UV curing systems are most suitable for adhesives, coating, and inks.
Can illuminating tools and systems be customized?
Definitely. Lighting components or modules to entire systems can be developed depending on your needs and specifications. At Excelitas, we adapt the solution to your stated parameters using ultraviolet, visible, or infrared radiation accordingly. Our envelope-pushing process allows us to respond to your market’s unique challenges and needs. We also have teams of experts who take ownership of the designing, engineering, and manufacturing of integral lighting parts and turnkey illumination solutions. In the end, we deliver LED systems, lamps and lamp systems, laser modules and more with the optimal level of performance, cost, quality, and time-to-market. Excelitas is your source of both off-the-shelf premium lighting products and bespoke illumination technologies.
What are the advantages of tailored lighting solutions?
Our professional advice: only entrust your custom device or system requirement to a technology provider with deep lighting and photonics knowledge and expertise. This way, you can maximize the potential of your light source. With Excelitas, modifications like fine-tuning wavelengths, increasing intensity, reducing footprint, and extending service life are all fully accommodated. We believe that this personalized approach drives you to achieve distinctive performance, while accelerating your time to market and securing strong barriers to entry for your competitors.

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