Wide-ranging technologies for illumination, imaging and detection allow Excelitas to serve a breadth of medical applications: diagnostics, dentistry, ophthalmology, surgery, and more. Our extensive capabilities for design and manufacturing, from components to systems, make Excelitas the ideal partner for medical OEMs with the most demanding requirements when quality, cost and ability-to-scale are critical.


Excelitas laser, LED, and lamp solutions address lighting needs from fibers to entire operating rooms, single wavelength to full-spectrum, low-power to high. We have extensive experience with light delivery when stable, reliable, repeatable performance is needed for surgical visualization, fluorescence, skin rejuvenation, and UV curing.   

Excelitas optics are used in medicine's most demanding applications such as micro-optic assemblies in endoscopy and surgical laser beam delivery systems. Our silicon detectors measure light levels down to single photons in diagnostic instruments.

Radiography and Molecular Imaging

Excelitas develops a variety of X-ray imaging systems, from numerous standard optics and customized lenses up to complete radiology cameras.


Excelitas has extensive experience in the conceptualization, design and production of laser beam delivery systems for femtosecond laser refractive surgery in the cornea as well as the crystalline lens.


From surgical microscope eyepieces to complete motorized zoom high-resolution videoscopes with fluorescence imaging capability, Excelitas is at the forefront of surgical visualization.

Medical Device

Excelitas brings decades of experience to the design and manufacture of high-performance, customized solutions to demanding medical applications over a wide variety of applications.


Excelitas is a leading solutions provider for highly customized endoscopic illumination, optics and imaging integration.


Excelitas ergonomic intraoral cameras personalize patient interaction with high-definition pictures and video kept sharp by an automated fast-focusing liquid lens.