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Excelitas Technologies designs and manufactures high-performance, custom-tailored power supplies and systems for leading OEMs in diverse markets including: Medical, Dental, Semiconductor, Industrial Manufacutring, Defense, Aerospace and Safety and Security. Our broad product portfolio, which leverages the latest advances in power conversion technology, is based on field-proven designs.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your provider of power supplies?
High-demand industries require power supplies with excellent performance. At Excelitas, we respond to the challenge of designing and manufacturing reliable capacitor charging supplies and high-voltage sources. Combining our technological expertise, professional qualifications and state-of-the-art facilities, we provide power supplies for OEM solutions in diverse markets, including aerospace and defense, medical, dental, semiconductor and industrial manufacturing. Our comprehensive solutions are derived from proven designs in the field.
What types of power supply products do you offer?
Our broad portfolio of power supplies includes capacitor charging supplies, which configure modular platforms according to proven designs. This approach makes them reliable, reduces their cost, and improves their time-to-market. We also have high-voltage DC power supplies with their complex requirements, such as installation infrastructure, insulation systems and platform design. Last but not least, our Omniblock integrated X-ray systems boast a design configuration that eliminates high-voltage cables and connectors. As a result, you can reduce cost, improve system design flexibility and streamline integration.
What are the safety requirements for power supply technologies?
Working with industrial power supplies entails safety risks, so our experts make it a point to put a protection scheme in place. This applies to both our devices and systems ranging from medical and dental power supplies to industrial and machine power supplies. We know full well the importance of getting it right the first time, especially for critical applications. And so, Excelitas products undergo strict quality control procedures, ensuring the delivery of safe, compliant and reliable charging capacitors, high-voltage DC power supplies and integrated X-ray systems.
What are the applications of power supply solutions?
Excelitas’ power supply technologies span a wide array of applications. Let’s start with our medical power supplies that support flashlamp pumped laser systems, including aesthetic Medical Laser Systems and Medical Holmium YAG Laser. Next, our ion beam high-voltage power supplies cater to the strict demands of ion implantation across various markets, such as semiconductor device fabrication, metal finishing and material science research. Then we have our X-ray generators which help make a lot of processes and operations possible: baggage screening, medical imaging, food inspection, industrial analysis and many other cost-sensitive and space-constrained X-ray applications.
Can power supplies be customized?
Yes. Aside from standalone units, we offer customization services for more complicated configurations and similar requests. Our interdisciplinary team works closely with each client to understand their unique requirements, align the design and prototype with their vision and deliver the products or systems they need. All of this is connected to our goal of developing technologies with reduced costs and faster time-to-market.

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