High-Voltage DC Power Supplies

Higher-voltage and Higher-power Supplies require more complex design solutions. The heat to be dissipated and installation infrastructure, plus choice of insulation system in a HVPS are driven by the output voltage and output power which ultimately dictates packaging. Typical insulation systems are based on air, dielectric oil, epoxy, RTV Silicone and even Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6). The method of cooling is a factor as well, the choices often coming down to air, water or oil, depending on the platform design requirements. These applications require Excelitas' detailed understanding to help choose the best design solution.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your High Voltage DC Power Supply provider?
The design and manufacture of high-voltage and high-power supplies require complex design solutions in order to account for the high amounts of heat generated and the infrastructure needed for mounting. As a leading figure in the design and manufacture of high voltage units requiring a high power DC power source, Excelitas leverages a deep understanding of high voltage DC power supply schematic design to deliver solutions that perform according to your design requirements.
What are the different High Voltage DC Power Supply uses?
High voltage power supply units power various machinery across different sectors. In these applications, a high power DC power source is required to deliver the power requirement of each piece of equipment or machinery while lowering the current required to deliver such power. Since most alternating power supply units provide electrical power at low voltages, an extremely high current would be required to produce the power needed by the equipment. Therefore, the load is kept constant at a high supply voltage to keep the current requirement low. Using such equipment produces significant benefits, such as savings on circuit breakers, wiring, and electrical components, reduction in heat losses, and an overall improvement in the electrical efficiency of the entire system.
What types of High Voltage DC Power Supply Solutions do you offer?
Excelitas offers a wide range of high voltage power supply solutions that are perfect for your applications. Our high voltage power supply units include:
  • Electron Beam Power Supplies - highly-regulated power supply units designed for use in electron-beam systems. These units can provide high voltages for powering the filament power, electron beam emitter, and closed-loop emission current control.
  • Ion Beam High Voltage Power Supplies - these power supply units deliver the performance and quality demands of equipment used in metal finishing, semiconductor device fabrication, and materials science research markets.
  • X-Ray Power Supplies - high voltage supply units are designed to meet the demanding requirements of X-ray systems. Some of these units are capable of running continuously at full power, while others have been designed to suit applications that require lower duty cycles while having high peak power demands.
  • -150kV, 15kW High-Voltage DC Power Supply 1102680 - these are negative, highly regulated power supplies capable of producing 0 to -150 kVdc, 100 mA of DC power and are manufactured for use in E-Beam systems.
  • -150kV, 9kW High-Voltage DC Power Supply 1101310 - manufactured for E-Gun power supply, these power supply units can provide high voltages and have an electron-beam emitter, filament power, and closed-loop emission current control.
  • -25kV, 250W High-Voltage DC Power Supply 1102384 - incorporates a high-frequency, quasi-resonant switch-mode design that utilizes an IGBT-based power inverter with a completely air-insulated high voltage section, which offers open and short circuit protection.
What are the applications of High Voltage Power Supplies?
A high voltage DC power supply schematic benefits a plethora of industries as it paves the way for various applications, which include:
  • Medical imaging
  • Water treatment
  • Food processing
  • Electron beam lithography
  • Ion Beam Implant Supplies
  • Laser Lithography Power Supplies
  • Medical and Aesthetic Laser power supplies
  • Capacitor Charger Power supplies
  • HV X-Ray Tube power supplies
Do you offer Custom High Voltage Power Supplies?
Yes, Excelitas recognizes the need for complex design solutions for high voltage applications to ensure that all requirements are met. As such, we ensure that the performance requirements of our customers are satisfied. Communicate your performance requirements to us, and we will design complex solutions that meet your needs.