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Excelitas offers Photonic Detection Solutions ranging from Silicon and InGaAS PINs and Avalanche Photodiodes, Hybrid Receivers, and Photon Counting Modules to address high-performance, high-volume applications across a wide range of markets. Excelitas Thermal IR Sensors represent a broad range of Pyroelectric Detectors, Thermopile Detectors and IR Sensor Modules used for motion detection, presence monitoring, temperature measurement and gas detection.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your sensing and detection solutions provider?
From off-the-shelf devices to custom solutions, Excelitas offers a wide array of industrial light sensors, detectors, and emitters for your market-specific needs. Providing plenty of options, we make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. Our thermal infrared or IR sensor modules integrate well into technologies that enable the Internet of Things (IoT) and empower smart homes. Meanwhile, our industrial photonic detectors and emitters prove useful across a variety of applications, including defense and aerospace.
What types of sensors and detectors do you offer?
Our catalog spans cutting-edge thermal IR sensing and photonic detecting solutions. Based on our Thermopile technology, we provide IR Linear and 2D (two-dimensional) sensor arrays as plug-and-play modules. In addition, we also offer our Thermopile detectors and pyroelectric detectors which feature one, two, and four sensing elements. As part of our photonic detection solutions, our photodiodes and phototransistors pack high-performance to satisfy the requirements of mission-critical or sensitive applications. Aside from pre-made components, we also customize solutions upon request.
What are the applications of sensing and detection technologies?
Excelitas experts collaborate with our customers to deliver clear-cut solutions and off-the-shelf components that meet their exacting needs. Our sensors are carefully engineered into components fit for smart homes, smart appliances, non-contact temperature measurement and office electronics, among others. Also, the broad range of applications for our detectors include aerospace, military, astronomy, quantum cryptography, wind LiDAR and others requiring high-speed and low-noise photon detection.
Can sensors and detectors be customized?
Absolutely. At Excelitas, we offer services beyond our standard portfolio, building industrial sensors and detectors based on our customers' unique requirements. We collaborate with you early in the design phase to ensure we get the details right. Whatever is needed to power your smart technologies, our experts will tailor fit them into the final output. And we are confident that we can deliver the specifics, whether it's thermopiles or pyroelectrics, simple detectors or intelligent sensors, low-light-level detection or single-photon counting, phototransistors, or avalanche photodiodes, light curtains or LiDAR, and many more.
What are the advantages of using custom sensors and detectors?
Through organic innovation and strategic acquisitions, Excelitas has become a leading name in photonics technology. We have the broadest portfolio of sensing and detecting solutions on the market. If you're looking for simple components and sub-assemblies or complete systems, our interdisciplinary team works hand-in-hand with customers to deliver the highest quality. Our goal is to generate technologies with faster time-to-market and lower costs for your photonic system.

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