Photodiodes and Arrays

Excelitas utilizes Silicon and InGaAs materials for our photodiodes to provide detection from 220 nm to 1700 nm. These devices are offered in a variety of sizes to meet customer sensitivity and speed requirements.  Many different types of photodiodes are available to serve various unique applications.

Our photodiode arrays are used to generate an X-ray image by scanning an object line by line. The X-rays are converted into light through the attached scintillator crystal. The light intensity is then measured by the photodiodes. The boards are employing chip-on-board technology with optically-adapted scintillator crystals.


Silicon PIN Photodiodes

Silicon PIN photodiodes are available in a wide variety of active areas to accommodate various applications. The PIN structure allows high quantum efficiency and fast response for detection of photons in the 400 nm to 1100 nm range. Our YAG Series offers an exceptional 0.4 A/W at 1060 nm by using a...
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Excelitas Photodiode Arrays

Photodiode Arrays

Excelitas offers a wide variety of standard catalog photodiode arrays. With standard pitch values from 0.8 mm to 2.5 mm, you are sure to find the right detector for your X-ray imaging needs. In addition to a wide range of standard catalog items, we also offer customization to meet the unique...
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Excelitas Optoelectronic Components for Smoke Detectors

Optoelectronic Components for Smoke Detection

An electro-optical smoke detector consists of an emitting diode and photodiode assembly which exhibits a signal under the presence of smoke. Excelitas offers emitting diodes and photodiodes, as well as custom assemblies to address the requirements of electro-optical smoke detectors.
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Excelitas InGaAs PIN Detectors

InGaAs PIN Photodiodes

The InGaAs PIN Detectors provide high quantum efficiency from 800 nm to 1700 nm. They feature low capacitance for extended bandwidth, high resistance for high sensitivity, high linearity, and uniformity within two percent across the detector active area.
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Industry Standard Si Photodiodes

Our product family of Industry Standard Silicon Photodiodes consists of our VTD Series of planar silicon photodiodes in an infrared transmitting, visible-blocking molded plastic package. These photodiodes have been used in many applications as a replacement for competitive devices.
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Fast-Response Si Photodiodes

Our Fast-Response Silicon Photodiodes offer low-junction capacitance to achieve fast response times. They can be operated under reverse bias to decrease the capacitance and further increase the speed of response or in photovoltaic mode in applications where speed of response is not critical. With...
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PD_Excelitas Si PD Blue-Enhanced

Blue-Enhanced Si Photodiodes

The Blue-Enhanced Series of P on N Silicon Planar Photodiodes are designed for optimum response through the visible part of the spectrum. Photodiodes from this series are primarily intended to be used in photovoltaic mode but can also be used with a small reverse bias. Versions with a UV...
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Excelitas Ambient Light Sensors

Ambient Light Sensors

Excelitas offers ambient light sensors that provide an easy solution for applications requiring a response similar to the human eye. Within this product family, we offer two types of devices: IR-filtered Silicon Photodiodes and IR-Filtered Silicon Phototransistors.
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