Automotive Vehicle Systems

Making your driving experience safer and more comfortable

Excelitas photonic technologies and expertise are being applied to systems that enhance driver performance and improve highway safety

Head-Up Displays

With more than half a century of innovating on the defining edge of aerospace head-up displays, Excelitas supplies HUDs on more than 30 current state-of-the art aircraft platforms, including large commercial airliners that keep our world connected every day. Our expertise in conventional dielectric, freeform and holographic combiners, and more recently with waveguide optics make us an ideal partner to meet the increasingly complex requirements of next-generation automotive HUDs. We have developed unique tools to design, analyze and optimize head-up display optics to meet the most demanding performance and affordability requirements. These techniques allied with new manufacturing technologies enable us to deliver cost effective novel HUD solutions.

Crash Avoidance

The foundations of Excelitas' LiDAR sensor and emitter technologies being implemented for the future of autonomous vehicles are ideally suited here and now for use in crash-avoidance systems including dynamic cruise control, closing-speed monitors, lane-drift monitoring, blindspot obstacle detection and automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems.

Beyond obstacle detection, our light detection sensors enable headlight automation systems including smart ON/OFF for daytime running lights (DLR), and a more recently in adaptive headlighting where the automated switching from high-beam to low-beam based upon the detection of headlights from oncoming vehicles.

Smart Car Convenience Features

Human interface with our cars presents ample opportunity for the deployment of Excelitas Thermal IR Sensing technologies. As a leading provider of smart sensors for human motion detection, presence monitoring and temperature measurement in smart home products, our IR sensor technology is engineered for consumer production volumes and cost sensitivities. From smart exterior safety lighting to smart cabin environmental controls activated by individual passenger body temperature, the possibilities for smarter cars are boundless.

Traffic Systems

With our immersion in automotive applications, Excelitas photonic products also serve practical applications in the systems and environments surrounding our vehicles. Excelitas optics and lighting technologies are employed in traffic monitoring and license plate recognition.

Our leadership in high-end LED lighting is ideally suited for the harsh environmental rigors of in-pavement lane lighting. While our detectors and emitters are integrated into law-enforcement speed guns, smart speed-limit signs as well as smart traffic lights.