Thermopile Detectors and Sensors


Excelitas Thermopile Sensors offer leading-edge, non-contact temperature measurement for applications in smart home, smart appliances, intelligent thermostats and HVAC control systems, and ear and forehead thermometers.

Our Thermopile Detectors are typically Thermopiles with integrated Thermistor providing analog output in various packages. Special designs include built-in lenses or reflectors to enhance sensing performance, Isothermal constructions, or Dual narrow-band windows. Our latest Thermopile Sensors include specially designed electronic circuitry to provide calibration, digital output, and functionality. With the DigiPile, Excelitas offers a unique design for measurement applications. With its digital output, this device does not require any low noise amplification. The CaliPile family provides integrated features that enable measurement, as well as presence detection applications.

The product line of SMD (surface mount device) Thermopiles offer you significant space efficiency and streamlined Integration.