Rising from our Qioptiq® heritage, Excelitas now offers precision optics in most every form and spanning the entire spectrum. You can choose from more than 4,800 off-the-shelf optical products! Our selection includes plano-convex lenses, biconvex lenses, aspheres and achromats with individual coatings, as well as plano optics, mirrors, polarization optics, electro-optics and optical design software and of course our optical assemblies and systems, such as objective lenses, optronics modules, and complex custom sub-assemblies and turn-key systems.

With broad-reaching optical expertise and advanced optical fabrication, coating and manufacturing capabilities, we are your one-stop source for optics to meet most any requirement in scientific research, aerospace, medical, semiconductor, laser material processing, defense, electronics, inspection and machine vision sectors.

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Why should you choose Excelitas as your optical solutions provider?
Thanks to our Qioptiq heritage, Excelitas has built a solid reputation as a one-stop-shop for optical and optomechanical technologies. We have a comprehensive set of premium off-the-shelf products that cater to various verticals. For more complex requirements, we also offer optical components, modules, assemblies, and systems. Our diverse family of industrial optics and lenses are trusted by our customers from different fields, such as ophthalmology, biophotonics, endoscopy, semiconductor equipment, dentistry and many more.
What types of optical technologies do you offer?
For your single-source ease, we offer thousands of optical elements and components through our Qioptiq shop and REO optics. Our precision optics solutions include simple lenses or singlets, polarization optics, prisms and lens coatings, filters, and mirrors. Under the LINOS brand, our coated lenses are made only from high-end materials and come in many forms. We provide everything from convergent lenses and diffuse lenses, to aspheric lenses. Equally important are our lines of space optics, avionic displays, and defense optronics. We complement our ready-made offerings with an optical design software package. As always, you can also tap our custom design and engineering team to provide for your specific optical system needs.
What are the applications of optical products?
Imaging lenses and systems can be appropriated for a wide spectrum of applications. Typically, our components are employed in laboratory, laser metrology, laser material processing or machine vision. We also apply scientific research and photonic innovation with our exhaustive optomechanics offerings. Going beyond machine optics and microelectronic cameras, we continue to make an impact in other industries: Excelitas is the largest provider of specialized space-qualified glass in the world. Additionally, we supply modules for the Directed Infrared Counter Measures (DIRCM), used to protect military service personnel, and for Infrared Search & Track (IRST) deployed to identify potential threats.
Can optical systems be customized?
If you don’t find what you need from our off-the-shelf product portfolio, you can contact us to learn more about how we create specific solutions that fit your needs. We capitalize on more than a century of interdisciplinary experience across numerous applications to deliver build-to-print or custom innovations in optical fabrication, coating, and optomechanical integration.
What are the advantages of using our optical solutions?
Excelitas products are designed to suit standard and specific applications. Our solutions are developed with a deep understanding of optics and optomechanics and, at the same time, enhanced by the latest technological advancements. In giving you options – such as spheres or achromats, collimated or compound, optical contacting or precision gluing, fiber-optic or free-space – we work with you to unlock the full potential of your desired results.

Need something better suited to your specific requirements?

Engage Excelitas to meet your most complex custom requirement.