Rising from our Qioptiq® heritage, Excelitas now offers precision optics in most every form and spanning the entire spectrum. You can choose from more than 4,800 off-the-shelf optical products! Our selection includes plano-convex lenses, biconvex lenses, aspheres and achromats with individual coatings, as well as plano optics, mirrors, polarization optics, electro-optics and optical design software and of course our optical assemblies and systems, such as objective lenses, optronics modules, and complex custom sub-assemblies and turn-key systems.

With broad-reaching optical expertise and advanced optical fabrication, coating and manufacturing capabilities, we are your one-stop source for optics to meet most any requirement in scientific research, aerospace, medical, semiconductor, laser material processing, defense, electronics, inspection and machine vision sectors.

Need something better suited to your specific requirements?

Engage Excelitas to meet your most complex custom requirement.