Medical Endoscopy

Enabling the next era of minimally invasive diagnostics

Excelitas offers highly customized endoscopic illumination, optics and imaging integration capabilities.

Excelitas is a leading solutions provider for highly customized endoscopic illumination, optics and imaging integration.

With decades of experience in micro-optic technology, Excelitas pushes the boundaries on the development of lenses for the most compact image sensors. Diameters below 1 mm, fields of view to 170 degrees and objective lens assemblies as small as 5 mm long, our optics are the core of endoscopy's finest instruments. For 2D or 3D stereo imaging assemblies, we offer products as individual optics, lens assemblies, aligned to sensors, or mounted behind a window-sealed inside with an autoclave-ready stainless steel sleeve for the world's leading OEMs in handheld and robotic endoscopy.

Excelitas Illumination solutions used for endoscopy

Our lasers, lamps and LED solutions are used to illuminate every endoscopy application from basic white light surgical visualization to customizable, switchable, tunable, multi-wavelength laser-LED hybrids with multispectral and hyperspectral capabilities to fluoresce vasculature and tumor boundaries.

Excelitas Xenon lamps are the established industry standard for endoscopic illumination, providing perfect, bright-white light to distinguish the most subtle tissue distinctions in a field of interest. Our high-precision LED solutions can be configured to exacting CRI needs and can easily introduce selectable wavelengths to meet specific customer requirements.